Did they ever update the script for the PC version?

#1 Posted by Beforet (2985 posts) -

I don't think this was ever explicitly said when they rereleased this game for PC, but did they fix the script? This game, I thought, had a pretty impressive story that was marred by a terrible translation job. And I was thinking that, had they retranslated the game, that I might pick up the PC version for when I inevitably get those chocobo shakes. Does anyone have the inside scoop on whether or not "this guy are sick" is still a thing?

#2 Posted by Legend (2695 posts) -

I haven't seen any mention of improved translation so it probably hasn't changed.

#3 Posted by ThunderSlash (2157 posts) -

I'm pretty sure that the "this guy are sick" line was already fixed for the PC version when they did the initial PS1 to PC port. That said, most of the script was the same (in the original PC version).

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