Final Fantasy VII Rap - Straight From Philly, YO

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Yo bitches (and you mother fuckin' whores), 
Straight from the streets of Philadelphia (home of America's best ice hockey, football, and baseball team's), I present to you the first rap song for FFVII that doesn't suck and uses the official tunes from the game.  The lyrics have everything to do with the plot, and it features Barret.  Heads up bitches, this is neck deep in SPOILERS, so if you're a punk ass bitch that hasn't fought in the insurgency yet, hold back.  
Straight from the streets of Philly you whores, true rap styling to the hardcore stress of living in this city.  Much like Final Fantasy VII, our city goes through the worst of the worst, so it's from the soul, yo.  We live with America's largest corporation that suckin' the life stream of our city (call them Comcast), and we deal with the fuckary of our sport teams choking like little bitches at the final battles.  Represent.  Check it, and donate.   
Also pick up Final Fantasy VII from the PlayStation Network and relive the memories.  
EDIT:  These hardcore mother fuckers also got a full Mega Man album up, and got their FInal Fantasy VII album up with One WIng Angel's theme too.  Straight Philly rap, and not that pussy shit you see in Cali or NYC.  This is true rap. 
EDIT2:  Link to Amazon's Album Link 
EDIT3:  Just bought the FF7 Album, holy shit it's good.  It's up on YouTube too, these guys got talent.  Every song on the album is from Final Fantasy VII and the lyrics has everything to do with the plot.  They sing out the story.
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I just listen to it. IT JUST BLEW MY MIND, such a great album. 5/5, a must have for Video game and RPG lovers.

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Was not expecting that...

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I might actually buy this...

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That was horrible. Next time you wanna waste my time, do it with cats.

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As a music producer currently involved in a nasty copyright lawsuit I would like to wish them the best of luck..

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