Final Fantasy VII remake?

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#51 Posted by imayellowfellow (558 posts) -

i think a remake would be really implausible seeing as how the game would probly be rated M (makign it the first? FF game to have an M rating)

cause i mean look at the original game, the scene where jenova wreaked havoc through Shinra had blood splattered walls and stuff and when sephiroth releases jenova from the place in Nibelheilm he CUTS OFF HER FREAKING HEAD. And of course not to mention the scene where cloud goes beserk and totally beats the crap out of Aeris at the place of the Ancients. i mean all this stuff was fine back in the day becuase the graphics were so poor but today i mean with the "crystal tools" i dunno if they can pull off a t rating

not to mention Cid's incessant swearing which was fine cause the text resorted to ^#&@ but i mean voice acting is a necessary these days

and of course all the sexual innuendo in the game with the whole prostitution part in midgar in the beginning of the game and the cross dressing and stuff

i mean i would be fine with an M rated final fantasy it would be good since ive grown up since the ff7 and id hope the remake would grow up too with me but i dont think square enix will allow it

#52 Posted by Damonation (556 posts) -
Pakorn said:
"Advent Children on BluRay, Special Edition to be released on UMD.

Consider your world shaken.
Hahaha! I hope thats what it is. Then I get to hear all the fanboys nerd-rage.

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