Tales of Final Fantasy 7

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#1 Posted by kashif1 (1543 posts) -
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Its an old video but i only found it recently, very well animated for a fanvid

#2 Posted by H4rdc0rr (73 posts) -

Pretty cool.

#3 Posted by MorkaiTheWolf (202 posts) -

That's pretty impressive for a fan made video.

#4 Posted by Video_Game_King (36567 posts) -

I don't think any of that happened at any point in Final Fantasy VII. Or the expanded universe. Or any Final Fantasy game ever.

#5 Posted by Centimani (563 posts) -

I don't think Sephiroth is tall enough, and Tifa's bewbs look too small (Kinda OK with that one). Other than that it's very impressive.

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