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Instant classic.

This game was one of the flagship titles for the PlayStation and one of the reason why it sold so many units. The game had big shoes to fill from its previous predecessor and had to be differentiate itself. The PlayStation's hardware allowed the game to go in a new direction, and be more graphically intricate. The game has a more futuristic setting and with new cut scenes and beautiful realized worlds, allowing more immersion. The story was a tale of a soldier trying to find himself, it had major influential plot points that other games to this day strive for. The character development made you attached to the characters and with the new polygonal models allowed for more ways for characters to express themselves. The combat introduced a materia system which allowed characters to have different combination's for interesting move sets, and new visuals for summons. All in all, i rate this game very highly, and one of the reasons to own a PlayStation. It may not be the best RPG ever made but definitely is one that is influential to the genre.


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