noxpectius's Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation) review

Final Fantasy VII was already a legend before it became history.

Arguably the best game ever made ,Final Fantasy VII is a thing that must be experienced by anyone that calls him\herself even a bit of a gamer.It has spawned a range of successors and prequels ,but remains the best part of it's saga.It's story and materia (magic) system set the trend for every RPG that came after.In terms of graphics ,this game has aged gracefully ,while full of detail ,some might point out it's characters are a little blocky ,yet that very aspect does add to the natural visual charm that Final Fantasy VII seems to posses.Sephiroth and Cloud's rivalry \ past drive a story that will push you to it's climactic end.Don't be put of by the fact that this game is more then a decade old ,but simply buy it ,and have the time of your life.Final Fantasy VII is to games what Star Wars is to films.......timeless and universally appealing.
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