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Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 had something unique when it came out. It was the first turn-based rpg to use graphics of that style, which helped in creating more diverse characters and landscapes.

Graphics 10/10-For it's time the graphics were amazing.

Gameplay 10/10-It has a similar feel to previous Final Fantasy games, yet it has its own aspects that make it unique. The materia system helped you choose which characters you wanted to have do what. Meaning you could have any character be your healing magic user or any character be your fire magic user. It gave you more availability and power over how each character turned out. The game was also very balanced. The enemies progressively got harder in a fashion that made it so you would actually have to try. You occasionally had to spend time leveling up your characters and your materia to prepare for a difficult fight.

Story 10/10-Though the main character seems somewhat emotionless throughout the game sometimes it has a good story. Each character has their own style. Some are meant to be badass, some are meant to be emotional, others are suppose to be level-headed. With a diverse cast, it brings forth interesting inner strife among your crew.

For it's day it was unique and something new, yet still today it impresses fans of rpgs all around. If you don't not own or have never even played FF7. I suggest you get it.


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