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I cannot begin to describe my Thoughts on Final Fantasy VII.
In my opinion it is the best game ever made, and there will probably be none comparable to it ever again.
It is one of a few games i would Categorise as a game to play before you die.
The Graphics still amaze me today, 10 years after release, i cant remember what was going through my mind when i first played it.
The story is very good, it has ways of making you care about the characters and after a while you begin to feel very involved with the story.
I dont want to write too much to spoil it.
I guess all i can say is: play it, if you can find it.

Posted by Twilight_XIII

Haha, queen been.  RULER OF NOOBSHIRE ! ! !

Posted by fluffsman

I wanted to play this  but I wasn't sure if it was actually good or not and I didn't want to buy it until I decided. This actually helps me. Thanks a lot.

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