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Final Fantasy 7 has one of the best storylines ever.

The whole Final Fantasy series is known for great story lines and plot twists, but Final Fantasy 7 takes the cake. The game takes place on a planet called Gaia, where the entire planet, and all life upon it thrives on this stuff called Maku, also known as Life Stream. But when the evil Shinra corporation learns how to harness the Life Stream and use it to create energy and weapons, a whole string of unfortunate events unfold. First, dangerous monsters are created from creatures that mutated due to their dangerous expiraments and Maku reactors. Then, they attempt to create solders that are mutated by the Maku, and with the cells of Jenova, an alien that landed on the planet via meteor thousands of years ago, they created Sepheroth, the main boss of the game.

GAME PLAY: 10/10
With the exception of Final Fantasy X, FFVII has the best RPG battle system I've ever played. The Materia system is also a lot of fun to change around and customize, and you also have entire arsenal to choose from for each of your 8 different characters.

Now, there tends to be a lot of confusion when people think that the graphics of this game are rather choppy and undetailed, but keep in mind that this game was created in 1997! Comparing this game's graphics to the graphics of a game such as FFX or Elder Scrolls Oblivion is completely unfair because those games were made in the TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY! But, by comparing this game's graphics to other games that were made in it's time period, you will arrive at a conclusion that is nothing less that perfection.

SOUND: 10/10
With no exceptions, Final Fantasy 7 has the best songs of any twentieth-century game I've ever played! One-Winged Angel is still my favorite video game song of all time, and Aerith's theme and the Midgar theme are in my top ten list. Also, I'd like to mention that the music for this game comes in at the perfect time. It is sad and slow when Aerith dies, fast and hectic when Diamond Weapon attacks Midgar, loud and scary when you fight Sepheroth, and oriental-sounding when you visit the home of Yuffie. Parfait!

OVERALL: 10/10
I really can not think of any major flaws in the making of this game (if any). The music is perfect, the graphics are good even by TODAY'S standards, the game play is revolutionary, and the characters and storyline are very touching. The Characters of Cloud, Vincent, and Sepheroth are, in my opinion, perfect examples of what kids of the age-group that usually play this game want to be. Silent, mature, POWERFULL, and most of all: mysterious. The storyline is also very touching also. In fact, believe it or not, I've actually heard of people who shed tears over the scene in which Aerith dies. Now, I'm not an emotional person myself, and I've never cried over a movie, book, or video game, but even I can see the power in that! Trust me, playing this game is NOT something that you will regret!

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Posted by vgmkyle

Great review.

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