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Final Fantasy VII Review

This perhaps is one of my favorite RPGs of all time.. Any video game fan could tell you this is a must have and if you never owned a PSX or just missed out on this and want to play this on your PC, then this is your chance.

Now the PC version is almost the same port as the PSX version with some differences but Ill explain that as I go on.

Gameplay: You will be going through a very deep adventure throughout this game...the storyline and also gameplay itself are something that will get you hooked for hours and hours. The gameplay, in general, is turn based like most JRPGs.

Graphics: The graphics look neat for the time...This isn't Xbox 360, PS3, or even Gamecube for that fact so you cant expect top notch quality but the graphics look crisp, especially the PC version, which excels the PSX graphics since the PC has better graphics card and what not.

Sound: A little weakness on this port...the PSX version actually sounds better than the PC version...not that the PC one is bad but some of the songs sound a bit different and better on the PSX port.

Overall: Epic adventure that you will be playing for hours...the story will have your attention and there is many memorable moments. If you're a real fan of RPGs or Adventure games, then this is one not to miss!

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