wwfundertaker's Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation) review

In 1997 a game was born, FF7

Simply the greatest game ever made. Never ever before has a game for that era made a great impact like FF7. This game has even been said to be better than current games.

Story- You cant explain this, words dont mean anything. You have to play the game to wonder what everybody is talking about.

Gameplay- I could talk about for ever. From the battle system to actual racing and fighting contests have never been better. You can ride chocobo`s, land machines and an airship. Also you can go to an arcade theme park and replay parts of the game over and over again. From the motercycle race to the snowboarding. The most challenging fights and boss fights during under intense story line, has made this game the most enjoyable experience.

Sound- Boss fights, victory dances and various other events have an unique sound which adds to the experience.

Replay- Endless gameplay, from strong boss fights and other challenging battles can keep you going for hours. Alsothe arcade has great games and replaying the games from the story are incredible.

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