Finished it after so many years *spoilers*

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So I finally finished Final Fantasy VIII while sitting on a bench near the Student Union today.  Not really the greatest place in the world to attempt to bear witness to an ending cinematic.  I've tried and gotten very close to finishing this game several times over the years since its release, but the PSN release enabled me to do so again slowly on my PSP. 
Either way, I'm confused with regard to the ending.  Is Squall dead?  It does essentially show him die at the very end, and later he's shown kissing Rinoa on the balcony of the Garden.  But she's the only one who sees him?  The camera recording the party at Balamb Garden only captures Rinoa standing on the blacony by herself.  Leads me to believe that he's not really there.

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I honestly think its pure speculation on anyone's part. His absence during the camera recording is a bit curious, but there's no other evidence proving he's dead.
By the way, you should Google "Does Squall die?"; some people's reasoning is utter insanity.

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@Sleepy_Insomniac said:
" By the way, you should Google "Does Squall die?"; some people's reasoning is utter insanity. "
I figured, and as such I asked Giant Bomb rather than asking Google.
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For me that was never a question, it is obvious that the scene after the final battle does not show him dying, otherwise what would Rinoa be pleased about? 
Watch it again, from 1:05 onwards:

  it's not ambigious at all; the darkness recedes, she looks back down and sees that he's not dead. And the final scene shows them together on the balcony. Its a story about these two and it ends in a very, VERY lighthearted way, so why in the world would anyone want to interpret this ending as "Squall is dead!"? Just because they decided not to show Squall again until the very final scene?

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