How do you defeat the things on the Ragnarok?

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The ship is infested with enemies that are super powerful. You can't run from them and they love to use "silence" to prevent you from using your GFs. They also do about 900 damage to you per attack. I only have two available GFs, one is Shiva who I'm using with Squall, the other is a level 10 Diablos who I'm using with Rinoa, but Diablos dies in pretty much one or two hits and takes forever to attack since he's such a low level. I don't have any remedies, so I can't cure silence, I only do 200 damage max with Squall and about 100-150 with Rinoa. I have some magics with Squall and I have "Doom" as an ability with Squall, though I'm not sure what it does. I've got a few items, including a couple of potions, but not much. A few super powerful potions, but I want to save those for when I need them. I also have a few curagas. How can I possibly hope to win?

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Ragna Rock? That's Max Payne, bro.

I'm sorry, this isn't helping you. It's just that I played MP1&2 very recently. Those are amazing games, I tell you.

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@FancySoapsMan said:
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@FancySoapsMan said:
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Get off the internet or enjoy your ban. The choice is yours.


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I might stay in this thread for awhile. Promising.

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Dude's not that tough of a game.

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@LostRebel said:
using your GFs
I found your problem.
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@FancySoapsMan: I was using a guide, but a guide won't tell me how to defeat a particular enemy, since the guy in the guide is so much better at the game than me and has a really high level and stuff and I don't
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The internet gets weird in the summertime.

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I would be a dick and tell you to play something good, but that wouldn't be nice.
oh wait

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I played this game a LONG time ago but I remember that there is an island somewhere where you can grind to level 100 easily using a skill with Quistis. Being on a higher lvl should help you. Sorry I can't help you more but look that up on a Final Fantasy VIII wiki or something.

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Hey I dunno if this is helpful at all since you posted the original so long ago but take some GF off other people and put them on S and R. It sounds unfortunately like you might be boned though. Ffviii is a really grind heavy game the first time I played in like 99 I got hopelessly stuck on adel and had to just scrap my save and start over. If you do go that route focus on STR and HP. If you can pump those 2 stats up you can just physical attack your way through anything If you decide to stick with your original save put item on R and use her to heal up. Equip all your current GF between the two and refine some awesome magic for junctioning. And mind the pairs they can revive so kill them in succession

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