So how do you defeat Raijin and Fujin?

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Attack them until they die and heal when your health is low.

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You'll really win once you stop playing Final Fantasy 8.

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@KaosAngel said:
Attack them until they die and heal when your health is low.
Dude don't spoil the trick to winning final fantasy's 1 through infinity.
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@LostRebel: If you have problems with this boss fight, it means you don't have high-enough stats. You need more magic so you can junction them to your characters. I had the same problem when I first got to them on my first game, nearly twelves years ago. Just persevere; the game is great.
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general tips to do well in FF8, really you shouldn't have any major problems if you're doing these things:
-getting all the GFs 
-drawing lots of magic (it takes time but it's worth it in the end)
-learning magic refine abilities
-refining powerful magic from items
-junctioning powerful magic to your character's stats. 
if they're dealing lots of damage and you're dieing, maybe you probably don't have enough health. In which case, buy a bunch of Tents, refine them using Life Mag Refine into Curagas, junction the curagas to your characters' HP. This should give you more than enough health. I'm sure you know how to experiment with junctioning, junctioning is what can make this game really really easy if you know what to do.  
I imagine that there are tonnes of guides for FF8 on gamefaqs or whatever, giantbomb probably isn't the best place to ask for this. But since you asked here's some tips I can give you off the top of my head for the fights against Fujin and Raijin. For Fujin + Raijin cast protect on your party members. You may want to Blind Raijin too. 
This guy did an in-depth video walkthrough/playthrough of the game on youtube, if you don't like reading I guess you could search through the videos and go to the place where you're stuck so he can give you some tips. 
I hope you enjoy the game!

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@JasonR86 said:
You'll really win once you stop playing Final Fantasy 8.

This is your second thread asking for help pretaining to Final Fantasy 8. Not trying to be mean, but like, look up a guide or something.
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same way you win in every other final fantasy battle: hold down the x button

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@LostRebel: Also, a trick for faster drawing of magic: go in the config menu and max the battle speed, activate the "memory" cursor. Now go in a battle, select the magic you want to draw, and hold X. Wait a couple of minutes. Profit.

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