wwfundertaker's Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission (PlayStation 2) review

Unusual fun gameplay

Well this is a sequal to the famous FFX. Two years after spira was attacked by sin. Now yuna grown up and with two friends, Rikku and Paine join her in saving spira all over again. You will meet your old friends through out the game.

Gameplay- The most changed part to the game, only 3 members are in the game and thats it. Also another change is the story, not like other FF games it is linear but this game attempts to go non linear. You can choose to continue the story or either do sidequests. Sound- The classic FF sound is gone and new sounds have been added. Players will either like it or hate it.

Replay value- The quest is Five chapters lastting between 20-30 hours and alot of sidequests. Also the famous blitz ball is back and a new game spherebreak should keep you playing.

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