Mini Game Rage

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So I've been playing a freaking lot of FFX recently! And I love it. But when trying to get all the celestial weapons I've grown real tired of all the dumb mini games they make you do.

Things I'm apparently unable to do:

Dodge lightning, get a 0 second time on a race, chase pretty butterflies, and play blitzball with any sort of competence.

Is there anyone out there who actually enjoys doing these? Can you please tell me why? And then add how I should stop sucking so bad, because apparently there are actual strategy involved in blitzball, I just can't get over that it controls like a mentally handicapped clown on a unicycle, same goes for the fucking chocobo. I think I can get the other 2 with a little patience.

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I know this was posted like 3 months ago, but still...
My absolute least favourite minigame is the butterflies. God, I hate them so much. I dunno, I just find seeing the depth of where things are difficult, if that makes sense? Like I can't tell if it's at the back or the front, so I have issues avoiding things as it'll look like it's the back of a path and it's at the front or something. It drives me batty. 
I shamelessly got my brother to do the chocobo race for me. xD
Lightning just requires patience and focus. I haven't done it yet but I think I probably could if I wanted to.
If you have Jecht Shot, blitzball is an absolute breeze. If not, it's a bit harder, but it's not difficult if you have a decent team and understand how the system works and as you learn more techniques. If you get your head around the system, it's pretty simple to figure out what to do in any given situation. The advantage of jecht shot is that it'll knock out two people on defense every time, so you don't have to worry if a bunch of their defenders suddenly ambush you. It's just dull when you play so many games of it, more than anything.

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They should have just kept the feckin' card games. I paid my cousin a fiver to do all the celestial weapon minigames.

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I gave up. I obtained Auron's celestial weapon, but the rest were just too much. The butterfly thing was stupid. The chocobo race was worse, though. Nothing has frustrated me more.

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I pretty much didn't care for any of the mini-games other than blitzball. I absolutely loved it and I have no idea why. Once you have Jecht shot you just place Tidus up front and have the rest of your team be super strong defenders. They basically tackle anyone ball carrier that enters the center zone and then pass the ball up to Tidus who can then point blank a Jecht shot which almost always went in if I recall.

@BoG said:

The chocobo race was worse, though. Nothing has frustrated me more.

So so agree. The chocobo racing was the worst. THE WORST.

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Biltzball <3

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I also really enjoyed blitzball getting the Jecht Shot or the Mark II version detroys the other team. Can't remember if it is X or X-2 where you get to go around recruiting chracters to join your team but finding good ones was pretty fun (mostly because the Aurochs suck ass) I was able to get Yuna's, Auron's and Wakka's best weapons in my longest playthrough of FFX. Still remember how much I fucking loathed the chocobo racing. Especially that last race must have played like 100 times and once got like 0.6 and nearly rage broke a controller. Good thing I had common sense and stopped.

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For anyone else needing advice:

Blitzball is easy to cheat at: just powerlevel by passing back and forth an absurd number of times.

Butterflies just takes memorization. There is zero luck (they don't actually move), so just memorize the exact *ground* position of each bug.

Chocobo takes a lot of luck, but should take less than 30 minutes max of attempts.

Lightning dodging is just dumb and boring. Only good trick is to turn sound off.

#9 Posted by Maystack (927 posts) -

Chocobo race was the most frustrating part of my ps2 gaming. And yet when I finally managed to do it, I did it by a large gap, it wasn't just scraping by.

Also, I would pay full price for a Blitzball game made by 2k.

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