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Final Fantasy X is a great looking  game.I mean i only played the PS2 version and the grahpics were just...wow.Aldo some moments arent very good looking most of them look amazing ,it seems like playing some weird crossover of a PS2 and a PS3 game when it comes to graphics.The storyline,like in all Final Fantasy games,makes absolutely no sense but its interesting.The gameplay hasnt changed much but squaresoft shamelessly wrote on the back:new fighting system.And it was just the same old fighting system like in previous games and that pissed me off.I didnt realise it was

 coolest character in the FF universe

old fighting system til i decided to go back and play the last Final Fantasy game i played,Final Fantasy IIX, and saw the same fighting system. The characters,at least if you ask me,are the coolest characters ever to appear in a Final Fantasy game ,especially Auron. Other characters are cool as well but not as much as Auron.And its a Final Fantasy game so there is that melodramatic crap in there but you can just skip the chit-chat so that didnt botter me and i dont think it will botter you.Your main characters name is Tidus but near the beginning of the game a chick asks you to sign her ball and you get to choose a different name or stay Tidus.You can also improve any of your characters with the sphere grid.Sphere Grid is an option in the in-game menu   that you can click on and improve any characters skills like make his HP or MP (no, MP is not Multi Player)bigger or simply add new  attacks for battle.To use the Sphere Grid you have get skill points. You get  skill points after every won   battle but you get more if you do it with the standard characters and you get less if you send yuna to summon a monster .The sphere grid really helps out and is real easy to use.At first it may seem complicated   but actually its really easy to browse and the first time you get it is on a level with one of the characters named Rikku from there on you can use it and like most things in the game you get a tutorial first time you open it so that helps out.One thing about FFX is that it is definetly not a game that you will complete   in under two weeks because the game is very fun but can be very frustrating.1 thing that really got me in one of those wtf moments is the cloister of trials.It is a boring labyrinth that is really   hard so that really kinda knocks down the grade for me.Thats why you get a cool new monster you can name any way you want after evey sucessful completion of a cloister of trials level.But it is still very frustrating and takes a lot of trial and error.Some boss combat situations are really hard and again its that trial and eror factor   that kinda turned me off.The game could be polished but you know it wasnt.So...This is the kinda RPG that will never be in the dust because you want to play that trough!But you know once you master the game you can really have fun with the game and not be frustraded by its difuculty.But you are gonna buy because FF is not A RPG its THE RPG.You know if you are a big fan of the genre get it if your not get it anyway because i personally dont enyoy these games but i always enyoyed FF just because of the fun it gives to everyone even to the people that have deep hathred towards the genre like my (non)modess me.Basically in one sentence review it would just be:FFX is a game that could be polished but wasnt and it stayed good.Very good so 4.5/5.Oh and also watch out for those saving grids cuz youll be better going through the game if you do :-).And there is nothing more to say just FFX is in stores now (been there for quite a while :P) go buy it....OH AND DONT FORGET TO SAVE YOUR GAME WHEN YOU GET A CHANCE 
 You thought it was over didn´t you?
Not so fast!There is a lot to discuss about like,the graphics (i cant just say its awesome and leave it at that now can i?),longevity and you know..other stuff.
The best FF game on the system
I mean seriously.Aldo the fighting system hasnt really changed um it is much improved,and it is overally too fun!Aldo the game has those Cloister of trials levels each (FF) game had something like that ,right?
One of the best looking games on the Playstation
 And no i am not overreacting.Square did an awesome job with the graphics.Also the game is crazy long..maybe even longer than other games (FF games) and thats pretty much all i can say about this pretty awesome game!

 Graphics cloister of trials
 playability too hard sometimes


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