materialize's Final Fantasy X International (PlayStation 2) review

The first FF game I have ever played and still the best!

 When I first saw the game it was at a friends house. I said how can you stand to play that it looks so boring, run a bit fight run some more fight again. Then I got the PS2  and borrowed FF-X and within the first ten minutes into the game I was hooked played it strait except for maybe one or two hr of sleep :), until I beat the game. I still play the game today and recommend it to everyone. I am now a FF fan and play all there games!


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    Utterly unforgettable. 0

    It is agonizingly difficult for me to review a game such as this. Final Fantasy X simply defies easy summary, analysis, and categorization. Actually, scratch that: it nullifies the dictionary and invalidates the thesaurus. Honestly, a game like this needs to be experienced, no matter your stance on Square, turn based combat, or even role playing games in general. You can stop right there if you so desire, since chances are, I won't be able to convince you any further over the length of this self...

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