wwfundertaker's Final Fantasy X International (PlayStation 2) review

This game has left a permanent mark.

Final fantasy rarely disappoint and this tradition continues.

Story - You start in the future, where a blitzball player called tidus is focused on, going to play in a tournament which eventually changes his life. Tidus is taken through time to a land called spira, here he embarks on a journey making friends along the way battling enemies and evil which threatens spira. Will he make back to his own world and rid the world of evil. What can i say simply awesome.

Graphics - this game uses all the power of the ps2 with its fmv sequences and through out the game the graphics are breath taking.

Sound - classic sounds and music with all new variety into the came, keeps you on your feet.

Gameplay- you switch between characters during the battle and new way to level up through the sphere grid. design your characters your way.

If you haven't played this game where have you been, this is a must.

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