just beat FF XII

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i've finally beaten FF XII after all of these years! it took me long enough but i fucking did it. and i must say...i really enjoyed it. not my favorite of the ones i've played, but great nonetheless. what did you think of it and was it your favorite? if not, which one is?

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@fuzzypumpkin: I enjoyed FFXII a lot when I was playing it, but its not very memorable at all. Nothing really stuck with me other than Balthier is awesome and Fran is hot.
All the rest of the characters were varying shades of unlikable. Vaan was annoying and the princess was a huge bitch, plus with there being no romance in the story, there wasn't any deep emotional connection to get involved in. Honestly the fact that there was no main character really hurt the game's ability to generate any emotional interest and attachment with any of the characters or the world. All I thought while playing it is how much I wish the story was about Balthier and him being an awesome sky pirate.
Also I found the end Bahamut ship part kind of came up really quickly and unexpectedly. I figured I still had a long time to go before the end since I had barely gone into any of the two giant nations, and then bam! end boss area is here! I guess overall the story felt a little disjointed and not that much really happens in it, though ive got no argument in comparison to FFXIII at all haha. 
That being said, I did really enjoy exploring the world, probably more than any other FF game I can think of. I really liked that you could just wander really far away at the beginning for hours, and there were plenty of places to explore that the main questline never brings you to. The hidden boss hunts also made things interesting, though I wish it could have been implemented a little more smoothly. I'm sure almost everyone did the first hunt, and then tried the second one and got completely destroyed and said fuck it for like 20 hours of playtime, or forever.
I really liked the license board system as well, I found it more preferable to the Sphere Grid from FFX simply because it offered more choice. The Sphere Grid seems to offer a lot of choice, but if you've seen the pictures of it unwound, its basically a straight line with some tiny branches, and each character is designed for a specific role that you can't really adjust until late in the game, and really there's no point to that at all (besides teaching everyone magic, sure).
The gambit system was a cool idea, especially with the way the combat worked, though you couldn't really use it until late in the game when you had more slots and some useful gambits unlocked. Though even once I had everything unlocked, all I used it for was autohealing and setting up a buff chain so it'd keep everyone buffed so I could be lazy.
Also, bubble, fuckin' BROKEN. :P
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Game's fantastic.

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