Just found this on play.com for £10

#1 Posted by pompouspizza (291 posts) -

Is it worth getting?, I got about 20 hours into 13 and stopped, I really did enjoy the combat system but something about it rubbed me the wrong way.

#2 Posted by BirdkeeperDan (400 posts) -

I think you could try starting FF13 up again to answer that question, despite a few changes your enjoyment of the first game is probably the best predictor for your enjoyment of the sequel.

I liked the first so if your still interested I say give 13 a second chance and then decide.

#3 Posted by Dixavd (1305 posts) -

I liked XIII but I definitely found it to be slightly weaker than expected; while XIII-2 was much better for me. In fact it is my favourite game of the year so far. I would definitely reccommend it at that price (In fact I think, if I remember rightly, I wrote a fairly long-ish review of it on the Play.com PS3 version page and gave it 4/5 stars).

#4 Posted by Contrarian (1143 posts) -

I picked up the same game for just slightly more than that and haven't touched it yet, but I still think at that price, you have little to lose. I actually liked XIII and managed 100 hours of it (the last boss was easy and I didn't even realise I had finished). Both those points make my opinion invalid, but still, give it a shot.

#5 Posted by pompouspizza (291 posts) -

Thanks guys, I decided to go for it.

#6 Posted by mitsuko_souma (135 posts) -

I quit XIII at about chapter 10 or so. I think I had the exact opposite reaction. I was into the story and most of the characters, but I don't like the combat system at all. The whole paradigm shifting while teh AI plays for you doesn't do it for me.

Regardless of what I just wrote, I picked up XIII-2 on sale this week for $15 because I think the lesser amount of characters along with the pokemon like aspect of collecting creatures appeals to me. I just watched the ending to XIII on youtube instead of ever thinking about finishing that game. It might be awhile before I ever get to playing XIII-2 though, it is pretty far down my backlog of games.

#7 Posted by DoctorWelch (2774 posts) -

If you didn't play the first one then don't play the sequel. Simple as that.

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