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With very hesitant steps forward, Final Fantasy seems lost. 1

If there's one word I feel like can sum up the way I viewed Final Fantasy XIII-2 as I played through it, that word would be "reactionary." It's predecessor is an intensely divisive game, and one I never felt very positive on myself, and throughout this game, it seemed designed to take to heart many of the criticisms lobbed at Final Fantasy XIII.  As if developing the game with a checklist, Square Enix managed to polish up, or categorically improve, many of XIII's fatal flaws. XIII-2 is most defi...

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Childish Philosophical Pondering Can't Hold XIII-2 Down 0

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is, at its core, a much better game than its predecessor. Many of the issues that fans had with XIII have been addressed in some significant way here, from the linearity to the slow-burn pacing, and Square-Enix has even made a few subtle improvements to the already fantastic combat engine to boot. These improvements make the overall experience of playing through this Fantasy a much more pleasant and coherent one, but they also serve to make the areas in which the game stumbl...

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Final Fantasy X-2-2 1

Let’s get this right out of the way: Final Fantasy XIII has become the internet’s whipping child. Thousands of people who have never pressed so much as Start to begin that game moan and complain about how it was too linear; how it took 25 hours to “get good.” It is now the symbol of not just Final Fantasy’s and Square Enix’s ruination, but that of all Japanese game development (I have a sneaking suspicion that Resident Evil 6 will only prolong the argument).And where do I stand on XIII? I though...

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Final Fantasy XIII-2: Time & Failure 2

So as you might be aware of, I...was not fond of FF XIII. You can find my original review here: Final Fantasy XIII ReviewI may have come at it in the wrong way though, and not fully stated exactly what my issues were with it, well here you go, reduced for your pleasure: The story was contrived, the gameplay boring, the graphics were pretty but it pushed the console too much, the characters became caricatures and were mostly stereotypes, the level design was linear as all hell and the music and v...

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Another distortion in the timeline. 0

£42.99. That was the price for Final Fantasy XIII-2 in my local game shop when it was released. If it had been the standard £39.99 I may have well bought it, but this slight but clear attempt to fleece me after the appalling waste of time which was Final Fantasy XIII, went too far, and I left, leaving thoughts of buying the game on the shop floor.Fast forward several months and after many none too surprising price drops, I gave in and bought the damn thing; how bad could it be? Well,...

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FFXIII-2, you had so so much potential 0

FFXIII-2 is a strange one. I've just finished this game, and my thoughts are rather mixed. They're not negative, nor are they overwhelmingly positive. This isnt because there's nothing in the game which stands out, or because everything in the game is decidedly average, it's because there are so many things in this game that are brilliant, but there are an equal number of things in this game that seem like bizzarre and unnecessary design choices. Where the albeit disappointing FFXIII had a clear...

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Better Than Its Predecessor... Which Isn't Saying Much 0

As I write this, I'm 32,000 feet in the air over the Pacific, 7 hours in to a 14-hour flight from Washington D.C. to Tokyo. I'm bored, hungry, and my eyes have desiccated to the point where my contact lenses would be more comfortable if I replaced them with Wheat Thins. Also, there's some sort of Japanese youth sitting next to me who keeps falling asleep on my shoulder. I can't think of a better time or place to write down some thoughts about my latest Japanese RPG experience, Final Fantasy XIII...

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Better Gameplay, Worse Story 0

Final Fantasy 13 wasn’t necessarily well received by fans of the series, but that hasn’t stopped square from making the direct sequel Final Fantasy 13-2. Square listened to what fans had to say about the first game and tried their damndest to give them the game they were asking for. Most of the changes made improve the game, while others don’t make any sense at all, like the addition of the track Crazy Chocobo. Regardless, the end product is a game that’s much more fun to play, even if the story...

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Certainly worth a playthrough 0

I'd like to add my voice to some others out there about Final Fantasy XIII-2. I'm not going to reiterate the game mechanics and content so much as I'll highlight some of the things I liked and didn't like about it.First off, the story is serviceable for a Final Fantasy video game I don't think it stands out as one of the greats, but it certainly isn't terrible. It's a continuation of the world-ending plot that FFXIII started, but this time it's Serah and Noel's perspective. Aside from a few mome...

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Fascinating characters and the best JRPG combat system to date marred by a confusing, unrewarding story 0

Serah and Noel meeting for the first time.Final Fantasy XIII-2 drops you in the shoes of Serah, Lightning’s younger sister. She is having dreams about her sister, who was thought lost in the world-changing events of the previous game, locked in an endless battle with a shadowy man named Caius in some strange realm called Valhalla. Just when Serah thinks she is truly going crazy, a man she recognizes from her latest dream appears in her village saying he knows how to reach Lightning. This i...

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The 2nd Impact 5

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the fallow up to Final Fantasy XIII the 2nd game in the XIII series which is planned to be 3 parts ending with the original standalone mysterious title  "Versus XIII" The Pros +Interesting story that has to do with time & space and cause of that manages to feel like less of "sequel" but a game that can stand on it's own merits    Serah is the protagonist who I believe was the most interesting non playable character from Final Fantasy XIII Lightnings sister & Noel ...

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My Thoughts on Final Fantasy 13-2 0

Final Fantasy 13 was not a great game. It was also not a bad game but being a game bearing the Final Fantasy name, it should have been great. With Final Fantasy 13-2, Square Enix had a chance to right some of the wrongs in the first game and for the most part, they do just that. At the same time though, they add a whole new mess of problems that yet again keep a Final Fantasy game from greatness.GameplayThe combat system from FF13 makes its return in 13-2. You still have different classes and ca...

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The Hits and the Misses: Final Fantasy XIII-2 0

Final Fantasy XIII-2 owes up to the mistakes of its predecessor while fumbling on the (few) elements that made Final Fantasy XIII any good to begin with. Consistently enjoyable though occasionally baffling, XIII-2 is the best Final Fantasy title since X.THE HITS:You want towns? We've got towns! You want minigames? We've got minigames!!: More than anything else, XIII-2's main goal seems to be rectifying all the fundamental elements of "FFism" that XIII either blundered or left out entirely. In th...

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A great sequel to a terrible game! 0

As someone who has played and been a part of the video game industry since the early 90's its safe to say I have a long and storied history with the Final Fantasy franchise, my first experience of Final Fantasy VII was the tipping point which changed me from a casual player to a full time gamer after all.However my love of the franchise has dwindled over time, as the rest of the worlds games became more advanced and interactive, Final Fantasy became almost stagnant before eventually taking a tur...

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Better then the original 0

I feel I was one of the few that actually enjoyed FFXIII. But by the end, I felt I had had my fill of the world and characters. So when I read that a direct squeal to FFXIII was going to be released, I kind of shrugged it off. And then I read that the shift was going to go to a more open world type game (which the linearity was one of the aspects I enjoyed of the original) made me less enthusiastic. But after sinking 50+ hours I feel that this was better then the original.Game play: The major ch...

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Great Step Forward for the XIII saga 0

What can one possibly say about Final Fantasy XIII? It will go down in history as one of the most polarizing games of this console generation. I will admit a lot of the design decisions were very atypical for the Final Fantasy series as well as JRPGs in general, the extreme linearity being the most visible example. 2 years later, we have Final Fantasy XIII-2, a sequel to one of the most controversial games in the entire series. While it won’t change anyone’s mind about the XIII saga, XIII-2 is a...

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Painful memories, bigger dreams 1

Like all releases of Final Fantasy games I find myself eager to relive the joys of the early days. From grinding away on my Final Fantasy 2 US cart or beating Final Fantasy 7 for an unknown amount of times. To set myself up for what I believed to be a solid release I went back to the original 13 and after an hour of playing quickly remembered why I never finished the game. I did not let that deter me from still being excited about a game that actually looked to improve on what the fans thought m...

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Final Fantasy XIII returns with a sequel that's better 0

When Final Fantasy XIII was released in 2010 it caused some concern for the series. Good and bad ideas were infused in the staple Japanese RPG franchise that caused fans to speak their disappointment with game. On one hand it looked brilliant, with the typical great Square-Enix art and one of the fastest battle systems to ever feature in the games to date. None of that was the problem though, what annoyed people was the fact that the game took too long to open up. It was extremely linear, so muc...

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