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The 2nd Impact

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the fallow up to Final Fantasy XIII the 2nd game in the XIII series which is planned to be 3 parts
ending with the original standalone mysterious title  "Versus XIII"

The Pros +

Interesting story that has to do with time & space and cause of that manages to feel like less of "sequel" but a game that can stand on it's own merits
Serah is the protagonist who I believe was the most interesting non playable character from Final Fantasy XIII Lightnings sister & Noel a Sora wannabe from Kingdom Hearts LOL
Revamped battle system arguably the best in the series but as well when it comes to JRPG Japanese Role Playing Games in general with a few new tweaks such as enemies are no longer on the field in real time instead they now randomly pop up allowing you to counter nearly every enemy via pressing the A button to attack given you the advantage with such perks as haste at the start of battle but as well enemies are still avoidable for the most part
New open fields/dungeons & settlements teaming with NPC to take Sub Quests from given you more breathing room to explore to it's full potential allowing to see the world that you only saw partially in the original game
High replay value there are minor events that affect the game that will drive you to want to play again to see the slight differences
Monster type Pokemon collecting system have monster battle with you as the 3rd member of the party during battles 
Moogle & Chocobo get proper fan service for a change
The Cons -
New level up system is a dumb down more liner version then the original game which is somewhat ironic
Some Sub Quest issues finding and completing them can be confusing in some cases they can completely vanish without notice 
"possible patch could address this?"
The name "XIII-2" may turn off players since some were miffed from the original game 
that being fans of Serah & Lightning and the battle system may be the only ones who get the full fulfillment out of this game 
however new players to the XIII series won't be disappointed with the 2nd installment

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