An alternate FFXIII, do you wish...

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I loved playing FFXIII until I lost interest a few chapters before the end and stopped playing. I do like the characters, enemies and setting. 
Imagine if there was a FFGame alternate that was Fallout in size and freedom, but FF in style in terms of setting etc, and 3rd person kingdom hearts combat. 
Do you wish or don't you?

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#2 Posted by LiquidPrince (16846 posts) -

Not really. I mean, I'm fine with the way it is.

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Kingdom Hearts combat couldn't be less appealing. The other two sound alright.

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Doesn't it exist in the form of Final Fantasy versus XIII.....?

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Not really. Square aren't exactly known for their real-time combat.

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@LiquidPrince said:
" Not really. I mean, I'm fine with the way it is. "
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You need some constraints on the player. Games like Fallout 3 are all well and good but the more open a game is, the harder it is to tell a solid and memorable story. If the story dictates that you are a kind person, it can't really have you going around and chopping up women. There's also the tendency for the silly side of the player to come out and kind of ruin the believability of the story. Yes, it can be fun to butcher a whole town in Fallout 3 but it would have been stupid as hell if Cloud killed everyone in Wall Street before going to see Don Corneo. Of course, FFXIII goes too far in the other direction, basically being a TV series on DVD with the "interactive menus" taking the form of fighting random monsters as you go to select the next episode.
I'd say FFXII and DQVIII are good examples of JRPGs being open and expansive without having the "hero of light" running around and burning down villages. So those two games, but the with more cinematic nature of FFXIII, would be pretty cool.

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