Any tips would be great (mid game spoilers)

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So heres the deal, I LOVE this game. Like a whole lot. But I still havent beaten it, and heres why. Basically, when I arrived on pulse, i did a few of the hunting missions, and continued forward in the story. I just got off of the falcie that digs the tunnels and literally EVERY enemy i come across hands me my ass. Every single one. Dont even get me started on those fucking frogs. So basically my question is, restart(which right now I wouldn't really mind since its been so long, but im sure ill regret it) or try and muscle forward? Any tips on buffing up my characters at this stage in the game?

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Try upgrading your weapons and accessories. If you haven't been messing around with that stuff, it can make a pretty substantial difference because of the stat differences for higher level weapons. Outside of that, I would say maybe do some more missions. Getting through Pulse isn't that hard if you just do some of the missions (and make sure to focus your Crystarium upgrading on each character's main three roles until those are maxed out; the secondary roles are too costly and don't give nearly as much of a benefit).

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KuwabaraTheMan is right.  I didn't really get into experimenting with upgrading until around this time either.  Also, if you want to get some easy experience, before you exit the plains by entering that underground with the digging ball, there is the behemoth and the wolf fighting each other outside.  You can get some fairly decent XP that way to level up your crystarium.
Also, I had trouble at a point until I learned to properly manage my tactics and what setups to have.  Experiment.  I think starting over may be way too much at that point.  I think you can just level up that crystarium and fiddle with your weapons and be OK.

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Is it bad i read this and forgot it was mine? hahaha
But anyway, I restarted and im back on a pulse and doing a ton of the hunting missions.  The reason I has such trouble before was I didnt grind during this section. Hopefully I can get past those god damn frogs now....

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You're at an admittedly strange portion in the game where the difficulty does jump. Certain enemies, I just avoided at this part. If you think you want to stop and level-up, by all means check out the side-missions on Pulse. Be warned though that leveling-up and grinding for CP, will help you in certain instances, doesn't have the similar benefits in other FF games. XIII is structured in a way, that even if you do power-level in certain instances you're usually still going to be challenged. I remember power-leveling during this part of the game, and running across certain enemies like those box enemies that spawn minions: and getting destroyed no matter what CP range my characters were. 
As someone who's currently going after the final Treasure Hunter trophy (LAST TROPHY O_O): Weapon upgrades don't really become an important part until later in the game, when you're trying to do hunts or five-staring hunts. Don't focus your attention on them now, you will have all the time in the world to do so later, and the upgrades you can afford right now don't necessarily have that much benefit. :/

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