assistance with story please! (**SPOILERS**)

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 So I just finished the game and here are the things I don't get (that I couldn't find answers to elsewhere in the forum) that I am hoping someone cal clarify for me:
-Given that orphan is destroyed at the end of the game, how does it make any sense that the only way to maximize your characters, is by finishing the game, expanding the crystarium and them somehow, Fang, Vanille and Orphan are back to life so you can continue developing your characters?
-If Orphan is dead, why were people still turning into crystals? (i.e. fang/vanille) I thought it was Orphan that turned people into crystals? And regardless, why did Lightning and company turn into crystals towards the end of the game and then turn back into normal people shortly thereafter?
-Is cocoon completely destroyed or is it being supported by the crystal "podium" thingy that ragnarok created?
-If the team was trying to save cocoon, why did they basically destroy it? (by killing off all of the fallcie, like orhpan etc) 
-Cocoon is basically a giant city right? So if Lightning and co didn't like where they lived, why didn't they just go to pulse and live there forever and just not go back to cocoon?  (after realizing of course, that pulse isn't that bad)
-How are Fang and Vanille related?

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There are 2 of this thread BTW. Also what?

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1. Read either FFwiki or the Datalog.  You seem to be misinterpreting a lot. 
Here's what I gathered.  I completed the game awhile ago, so I may have a couple of things wrong: 

-The post-game stuff brings you to right before you beat Orphan, just with the rest of the crystarium unlocked. 
-When any Fal'cie gives a Focus, the created L'cie  have until their tattoo becomes that eye-shape to complete the focus.  If completed, they become crystal and awaken at a random moment in order to complete their next Focus.  If failed, they become Cie'th.   Because Orphan was killed, the Focus was completed and the main party turned to crystal.  Through the power of magic and necessity to move the plot, Vanille convinced the crew to uncrystalize 
-Because Orphan, the power supplier for Cocoon was killed, Cocoon has "powered down" which means none of the other Fal'cie can do their jobs.  Cocoon hasn't been physically destroyed though.
-They basically destroyed Cocoon because otherwise, another set of L'cie would have been created to destroy Cocoon.  The only way to save the people of Cocoon was to destroy Cocoon I gather. 
-They couldn't live on Pulse for an extended period of time without becoming Cie'th for failing their Focus. 
-It is never stated if Fang and Vanille are good friends, sisters etc.  All that is told is that they come from the same village and were given the same Focus ages ago by their village's resident Fal'cie (which was like the village god).

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