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I just took about a month off from Final Fantasy XIII. I actually stopped in Chapter 10 before teh game opens up. I got involved in the convention I volunteer with, AnimeNEXT (I don't mind throwing it out there, and, and then I had a family reunion and vacation down in Florida away from home in New York. 
Well now I am back and decided to jump back into Final Fantasy. Without me originally releazing it, but maybe I chose a good place to take a break and starup again. Chapter 10 of the game is where I finally was able to chose my own party; Lightning, Hope and Fang, and also was enabled to make my own decision in leveling up the characters and my use of the Chrystarium. I had to re-orient myself to the quick combat system of teh game but it came back to me really quickly. But the best part was jumping in once again with the ability to adjust my party and their abilities and levels.  
I also jumped back into the game at one the earlier (if twenty hours in is early) more difficult battles, specifically the battle against Cid Raines. This battle is especially difficult but it served as a good way to emphasize the party and character adjustments I must make now in the game. I eneded up having to create new paradigms and adjust my levelling up of the characters abilties in the Chrystarium. Fighting Cid at the beginning of my jumping back into the game turned out to be for the best. 
So overall, I am glad I took a break from the game and jumped back in when I did. It has actually helped me enjoy the game even more.

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