Blinded by Raichu

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So I got this crazy idea to combine two battle themes from entirely unrelated games! I'm hoping there's still a couple of Final Fantasy and/or Pokémon fans among you duders. Preferably both...

This is my own little arrangement of the classic "Trainer Battle" theme from the very first Pokémon game (by Jun'ichi Masuda), meant to resemble "Blinded by Light" from Final Fantasy XIII (by Masashi Hamauzu and Ryou Yamazaki) in terms of instrumentation. These two pieces have about as much in common as they are different, so it was quite a challenge. Hope you guys like it!

"Blinded by Raichu" by BombKareshi

Disclaimer: Credit to the original composers, of course. I do write my own original music, but this track is absolutely a derived piece.

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Found the originals on YouTube, should be fun to compare.

Here's the Trainer Battle original:

And here's Blinded by Light:

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I could definitely see that being used in a modern remake. It's really good!

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@andrewb: Hey, thanks! I'm just glad I was able to meld the two without creating a complete cacophony.

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