Chapter 11: Mission 55 help...

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 I'm trying to get the Growth Egg now, having reverted my save when I got owned in chapter 12. I want to get it ASAP, but have no clue how. Every time I open the battle with Neochu, he unloads on my Death-Vanille, and I lose.

Any advice on how much pre-grinding I should do? Or a strategy to enter the battle with?
My party has the following stats:

HP: 6175
Str: 1898 (Boosted, all accessories)
Mag: 842

HP: 5345 (Boosted, all accessories)
Str: 668
Mag: 1143

HP: 5730
Str: 1023 (Boosted, 2x Power Wristband)
Mag: 971

HP: 5245
Str: 788
Mag: 1397 (Shaman, Sorcerer Marks)
Sprint Shoes

Sazh (OMG he's weak)
HP: 6600
Str: 591
Mag: 563

HP: 7290
Str: 833
Mag: 720

I was using a party of Van/Hope/Snow, using Sab/Med/Sen. Kept being owned.    

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I beat him yesterday. I used Snow as sentinel, Hope as medic and Venille spammed death. The only thing I can think that may make the difference is that you are doing it on Chapter 11. I did it on Chapter 13. But I would recommend the team that I used above. Got lucky when I did eventually kill him. First Death attack and he died. But keep trying it you will eventually get it.

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