Combat fatigue?

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So I'm about 19 hours into this game, but I've noticed something. I'll usually play for an hour or two one day and then take a break for a few more days before picking the game back up again. I think it's a good game and all, but besides the fact that there isn't much to do besides running forward to a cutscene or fight I think I'm suffering from combat fatigue. Meaning, of course, that after fighting a ton of enemies I can no longer find the motivation to keep fighting. The battle system is really good, but so far it hasn't really been compelling. I was wondering if things are going to pick up later on in the game. I'm definitely going to finish this, it's just that if the combat doesn't pick up it's going to take a long time.

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I played through and got to the open world area, then I found that it was veeerrryy boring. I really want to finish the game but I can't convince myself to do it.

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What actual chapter are you on? The combat apparently "gets hard" at chapter 11 which should be enough to keep anyone having fun with the game hooked. 

Snide comments aside, once you can form your own party and start extending beyond the 3 default class roles many more customization options open up and battles can change dramatically in tone. There are some absolutely awesome fights in the later portion of the game, a lot of which are not optional as per usual with the best fights in FF being optional.
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