Did you get Superstar?

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I beat the game with 39 hours of play time and to my suprise I got 5 stars on the last boss. I really wanted this trophy because I like the lightning theme for my PS3 but was the final boss supposed to be that easy to beatt. The battles before the final boss(s) were destroying me.


So my question is did you get this trophy/achievement the first time you beat him?  

If your curious: I used rav,rav,sab until he staggered then I used com,com,rav until he died. I only staggered him once. I ussually can't beat normal enemies in one stagger.

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I never liked the Rav without Com because of the stagger delay. 
The only paradigms I use right now (aka Ch11 forward) are (BTW, still grinding for CP on side roles, which I really never use anyway):
[Fang, Sazh, Light]
Com, Rav, Med (If enemy is heavy-hitter or I am lazy)
Com, Rav, Rav (Main)
Sen, Med, Med  (Emergency)
Com, Com, Rav (Staggered)
Com, Com, Med (only for non-launchables)  
[Fang, Snow, Light] (Only if enemy is very heavy hitter)
Com, Rav, Med (If enemy is heavy-hitter or I am lazy)
Com, Rav, Rav (Main)
Com, Sen, Med  (Maintain stagger)  
Com, Com, Rav (Staggered)
Com, Com, Med (only for non-launchables) 
Hope almost never comes out just due to his extremely weak HP. Snow is rarely out unless I have big problems with HP and surviving. Vanille never goes out because her magic stat is rather weak for my party (which I can't really understand why...She's been my weakest character since her introduction, and her only advantage over Hope is in HP). Light is basically my full-time Med/Rav. 
By the way, how critical were status effects in this battle? Because I never use paradigms containing Sab or Syn.

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I almost got it first try. The third boss form, i was too cautious and got a 4 star rating.

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I didn't get it first try because a lot of my weapons and accessories were really good. The better the weapons/accessories, the lower time limit you have to 5-star. 
I think that he was supposed to be easy. The first two bosses were meant to be the actual hard ones, and this one was just for kind of a storyline finale. I remember that a lot from older games when I was a kid. 
Are you gonna try for the Treasure Hunter Achievement?

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Considering the fight starts with a Doom counter I just went all out with rav,com,rav till staggered then spammed army of one till the gauge capped.  Unfortunately I only four starred it so I plan on going back once I  finish all the post game side quests.

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You really should learn to use Sab and Syn. they are the best perks(Brain fart) in the game IMO. I defeated the boss before him using just com,sab,syn then rav,med,rav (also rav,rav,rav if I had full health) and I finished him off with com,com,rav. Do not underestimate the power of debuffs and buffs. With your sab making someone weak to elements, physical, and magic attacks while your syn is giving you extra damage with an elemental attribute no one will defeat you.  
I pretty much went through the second half of the game using light, sahz, and vanille. But on the final boss I used light, snow, and hope.
The doom counter scared me so bad, thats the main reason I went all out on him trying to get him staggered.
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Yep.  I managed to get it with a party of Lightning, Fang, and Hope.  Started out by going RAV/RAV/RAV, and then when Orphan was staggered went full out with COM/COM/RAV.  I beat him in one stagger, got five stars, and earned the trophy.

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I got it on the first try using Lightning, Fang and Hope. I had fang hit it while she was COM so the stagger meter slowed down, then went to RAV/SAB/SYN. Once he was debuffed enough and I buffed up enough I switched to RAV/COM/RAV until he died. I don't think he cast doom on me at the start of the battle either.

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Yea, I got it on the first try, I died a few times on the form before that though. Just stagger him and nuke the shit out of him, I think it died in 1 stagger if I remember correctly.

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Question:  If you don't do it on the first try, how do you try again?

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@mordecaix7: If you saved after the credits, you can load that save and be right before the final boss. You can fight the final boss an infinite amount of times, so you could immediately try again or make progress with the level 10 crystarium and roll over the final boss (mission 64 gives an item that gives you a score multiplier, making 5 stars easier)

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