Does Final Fantasy XIII stay linear or does it open up more?

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I am about 14 hours in Final Fantasy XIII. If you want even more specifics about where in the game I am, then I am starting chapter 8. So far I am really loving this game. It's not perfect and has quite a few issues. However, after the first 4 hours or so I began to really get into the store. Now I am at a moment where I am so invested in the store and characters, that I don't want to quite until the end. One thing I do wish would happen though, is I want to game to open up more and have more things to do. I love the games ability to keep the story moving, but I do want more value and options to do in the game by now. Does anyone know when the game will open up more and have more of an open world to it? Or does it even have any of that in this game? Either way, the store is so good by now that I'll suck it up and just take in the store.
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I've heard 20 hours then it gets more open, not by much though.

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From what I hear, the majority of the game is totally linear. I think Brad mentioned something about the game kinda sorta maybe opening up at certain points, but I don't think it ever turns into an open world game of any sorts. 
But I haven't played it yet, so I would wait till somebody that has to answer.

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That's pretty much what I've heard, too. When you get to Pulse, you can move around a little, but from what I've understood, the only purpose of this freedom is to wander around and grind, which opens up some battle options and the such. Haven't played it either, but pretty much every review I've read reiterates that there are no towns, no mini-games, no real freedom as you would commonly expect from an RPG, just a few moments where it's kind of tacked on 
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Yes it does OPEN UP, on pulse there's plenty of side quests, mega beasts to kill, chocobo's to ride, and secret stuff to find, YES IT DOES FUCKING OPEN UP.

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Short answer: Yes, chapter 11 is the Calm Lands part of the game, to use FFX terminology.   
You can spend as long there as you do in the rest of the game combined if you really want to.

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Yes. Gran Pulse is huge.

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Once you reach Pulse you get to wander around, grind, open treasure orbs, do missions, and also get raped by Behemoths.

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The game's side quests take place in chapter 11. Up until that point it is very linear. Chapters 1-10 are; move forward down a hallway, watch a cutscene, move forward down a hallway. BTW, there are a total of 13 chapters. If you can handle 20-30 hours of controlled gameplay to get to two chapters of some freedom, then you might just enjoy the game. Just know that the rest of the game, while enjoyable is heavy on combat and cutscenes. 
Also, reading all of the Datalog entries as they unlock will help you follow the narrative better than trying to memorize all of the names of strange alien creatures FFXIII throws at you.

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Gran Pulse has tons of side missions/quests, plenty to do. Just been running around for 4hours in this one huge area doing side missions while listening to the bombcast, good fun.

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