Does the Xbox 360 version really look that bad?

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Brad Shoemaker has claimed more than once that the 360 version of the game looks terrible. Is it really that bad? I want this game and this is the version I'll have to get, but I'm not so sure about buying it if the game looks like crap
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No. The PS3 looks better, but the 360 is fine.

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I've only seen the 360 version and it looked fine.

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The game itself is fine on X360, it is just the FMV, as they are more compressed on the 360 version so they aren't quite as crisp as the PS3, but if this is the version you have to get, you still won't be disappointed.

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It's fine. It's not as bad as people say. The PS3 version does look better but that's not to say the 360 version isn't gorgeous. 
PS: Once you find out what Vanille really is like, you may want to take her off as your Avatar... :P

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I doubt it.  People can be very nitpicky when it comes to certain things. 

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I don't care what people say about Vanilles voice. It's cute
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I've only played the PS3 version but go for it dude, can't look that bad.

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No. The graphics looks fine. Resolution and texture wise its not as good as the PS3; but its not like the difference between daylight and sunlight or Bayonetta.
Its just the video compression rate on the 360 is pretty bad, with a lot of artifacts. This is more prevelant on bigger and HD screens, obviously. I'm still wondering why they did a bad job on compressing those cinematics. There were still space on the discs, about a gig each. They could have done a better job on that.

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@natetodamax: Actually her voice was the only part about her I liked. Well ok, her pidgeon-footedness was cute too.
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To the average player, the difference is probably rarely, and mostly just subconsciously noticeable. 
The biggest difference can be seen in fast-moving CG cutscenes where the deficiency in the video compression used on the 360 becomes significant.  Here are a couple screencaps from Eurogamer's extensive comparison article to illustrate: 
This seems to be about as bad as it gets, so if this doesn't bother you, then you should be just fine with either version of the game.

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I played through the xbox 360 version on a 720P HDTV it  looked fine to me.  I have not been a tech geek graphics whore since my 90's PC gaming days so I never notice small shit that people complain about.

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I have the 360 version, and it looks good.

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You will notice it on a large screen. But not enough to not buy the game. You won't notice it outside cutscenes.
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Outside of cutscenes you really can't tell without playing both games, simple as that really.  
I put 10 hours into the 360 version before starting the PS3 version and it wasn't until I went back to the 360 copy (around 20 hours into the PS3 one) that I could actually see the difference, but once you do see it you can't unsee it, it's like night and day between the two versions. Screenshots are just that, in motion it all looks very different and unless you really care about being nitpicky you won't notice much.

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Pretty sure Brad has said that it's fine if you don't have a PS3, all other issues with the game aside, but that you have no excuse for considering the 360 version if you own both consoles.

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Those posted images look way way way to bad for the 360 version. I dont want to sound like a dick but I think there fixing them to look bad. 
Anyways, it looks fine unless your playing it on a large screen. I have a 32" 720p and it looks fine. I own a ps3 and 360, I bought the game for 360 and I dont regret it.  
If I owned something larger, or a 1080p, thats the only reason why I'd consider the PS3.
You will not notice a difference on a small screen, or a SDTV. The only time I notice a grain is in the cut scenes, and its sitll a bit odd because some look perfect, and some defiantly have some grain.

#18 Posted by theduke (228 posts) -

I watched my friend play it on his 360 and it looked perfectly fine

#19 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7807 posts) -

It isn't that bad that it should keep you away from playing the game.

#20 Posted by InfiniteGeass (2150 posts) -

Looks fine to me and I've played almost 40 hours of it.

#21 Posted by calidan777 (916 posts) -

I've seen videos of both versions running in HD and I can't see a difference.

#22 Posted by Talesavo (144 posts) -

It doesn't look that bad, but the FPS in some spots is sometimes downright atrocious.

#23 Posted by Psytek (184 posts) -

I've said it before and I'll say it again: 
Worrying about the graphics in a console game is like being concerned about the taste of paint. 

#24 Posted by CenturionCajun (1573 posts) -

While just about every review I've read states that if you have the choice between PS3 and 360 to buy the PS3 version you'll notice that they never give the 360 a lower score. That's simply because as stated if you compare the two side by side you'll see a noticeable improvement on the PS3 but the 360 version still looks quite good. In the end it's a personal decision on your part if you have both consoles. Personally I went with 360 and don't really have a problem with it.

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@gike987: Damn son, I'd say that's a huge difference.
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I ain't seen the PS3 version... but the 360 version looks pretty incredible to me.

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The 360 version looks amazing on my HDTV.  Can't imagine it being much better, but some can notice I guess.  Certainly not a reason to either not play it, or switch, lol, after playing an extended time.
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@Burns098356GX:  Do you really think eurogamer fixed the images to look bad? Eurogamer are  the most credible when  it comes to comparison. The reason you don't notice (unless you're playing it on a big screen) is that it only look really bad during fast-moving scenes.
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If you are getting it for the 360, then you must not own a PS3, thus you will never be able to see what you are missing out on. From what Brad said, it seems like he wasn't having a problem with the visuals until he played the ps3 version. You will be fine, as long as you never see it running on a PS3.
Get this logic?

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@Psytek said:
" I've said it before and I'll say it again:  Worrying about the graphics in a console game is like being concerned about the taste of paint.  "
Maybe you should stop saying that because it doesn't make any sense.
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the game looks fine, but oh my fucking god, cutscenes are completeley atrocious, they look fugly, specially if you play in a HD tv...

#33 Posted by Psytek (184 posts) -
@EVO said:
" @Psytek said:
" I've said it before and I'll say it again:  Worrying about the graphics in a console game is like being concerned about the taste of paint.  "
Maybe you should stop saying that because it doesn't make any sense. "
Whatever dude. console fanboys just have blinkers on. They harp on about their amazing graphics in 'high-definitiion', when my PC 5 years ago had better graphics and ran at a higher resolution than any console. 
If you play console games because you want good graphics, you are deluding yourself. 

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