Favorite party? (possible spoilers)

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Ever since being given the ability to switch party members at the end of Chapter 10, I have found that I can only use the party of: 
Fang (1300 or so Str), Snow (5000+ HP, 800-900 Str) and Vanille (Curasa and 1500 more HP than Hope)
With the following paradigms 
Com/Rav/Rav (main) 
I'm curious to see, has anyone been stuck using the one party throughout the last part of the game, and whether I ought to change mine.

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I rolled with Lightning/Snow/Hope with 2 exceptions: 

  • when I was farming dark matter I went with Fang/Lightning/Snow for an AMAZING 1:20 Shaolong Gui kills which made farming Dark Matter take like half an hour. 
  • as I farmed traps I went with Vanille/Snow/Hope to make life easier
But outside of that I went with Light/Snow/Hope the entire game and for every single mission (even 5 starring the missions). Despite Sazh being my favorite character and Fang being amazing I just couldn't give up that party makeup. I say just use what you like, personally.
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I despise Vanille, but her stats and moveset is just too good.

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#4 Posted by ZenaxPure (2584 posts) -
@Aus_azn: Death is just too amazing for farming gil and ultimate weapons early in the game. Kinda lame that only Vanille gets it. Also after using Fang to farm Dark Matter I was upset to see how insanely overpowered Bravera and Faithra are yet none of the main characters I used could learn those. I was element-striking enemies for 70,000 without stagger and then as COMs hitting them for 350,000-400,000 with Bravera during stagger... so insanely good.
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I went LIghtning/Vanille/Sazh from chapter 9 to the end, then in post game tried Light/Fang/Hope for a bit. Towards the end of my postgame I was trying a whole bunch of different groups since everyone had every role. I found Fang/Snow/Vanille to be an excellent Adamatoise killing squad.

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