FF XIII going to pc

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check it out, apparently sqaure annouced it on their press confrence at e3, just the 360 announcement blocked that out. link below. It will come before the 360 version. BTW ill be updating the wiki


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oooooh kickass and very interesting we really missed that

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looks sweet

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Nice, getting to all the audiences - let's see how this turns out.

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Anything for the 360 always goes to the PC it seems.

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false.  check it again (i know it's already posted, but I want to make sure know one getsall hyped up for nothing)

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almost every game is built on PC Dev Tools...please read the link you provided again...

We contacted Square Enix, and according to the company, "The game is being built using PC-based development tools, but that doesn’t mean it’s being created for the PC platform. Our current plans are to release FFXIII for the PS3 and Xbox 360 only. Sorry for the confusion!" So to recap, it's being created with PC-based dev tools, but with plans only for PS3/Xbox 360 console release.

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