Final Fantasy XIII in 2010

#101 Posted by walls (96 posts) -

Maybe they showed it too early. But it better be worth the wait.

#102 Posted by daniel_beck_90 (3159 posts) -

At least there are other great games we can play instead .

#103 Posted by Valandil (108 posts) -

I think they should come out within a week of each other.

#104 Posted by AngeTheDude (703 posts) -

People still play these games??

#105 Posted by NathHaw (2816 posts) -

Oh, well.  I'd hoped it would be this year.  I'm still waiting for another really great (proper) FF game.  I've been waiting since after VIII.  Guess I won't know until at least 2010.

#106 Posted by creamclouds (226 posts) -

well, it's not as if good PS3 games dont take forever to come out!

#107 Posted by theuncannygiraffe (56 posts) -

Dammit! And I had a pre-order too.  :(

Ah well, it'll give me time to actually finish Mass Effect, Fallout 3 and Fable 2. Not to mention all the subquests I've still gotta get done from FFXII......

Square always do this. Every single time! And yet evey time I find myself believing their deadlines. Why?

#108 Posted by Benjo (85 posts) -

I just got a 360 for Christmas, so I have a lot of games to catch up on.  Personally, I can wait until 2010 for this.

#109 Posted by groobmaster (2 posts) -

Just sounds like PS3 owners are getting hosed while Square works on 360 version.

#110 Posted by halfameatball (119 posts) -

I really wanted this game to be out this year, but I knew it wouldn't happen. Oh well.

#111 Posted by Phished0ne (2568 posts) -

exactly  Groobmaster, PS3 owners can thank MS for this wait, i'm pretty sure that otherwise we would've gotten it at the end of 09. My question is, does anyone remember if they said at E3 that it would come out the same time in america for both systems? I dont understand why they wouldn't just release it for the ps3 when its done and then release it for the X-Bawks when its done. hmm maybe MS had some stipulation...

#112 Posted by SteveBIRK (2 posts) -

UGH!! I wantedto play a new FF for the first time this year. But I guess I'm going to have to play all there old stuff until they release 13 and Verues.....whenever that comes out.

#113 Posted by Media_Master (3283 posts) -

it better be amazing

#114 Posted by vidiot (2737 posts) -

One more day until we get to see gameplay.............finally..........

#115 Edited by gike987 (1786 posts) -

Looks like I have to play this game imported. But I managed to play trough final fantasy VIII before I learned English (I'm from Sweden). So I think I should be able to do that again, maybe I manage to learn some more Japanese in the progress.

#116 Posted by REDRUN (1410 posts) -

I read an article on Kotaku, that the game will be released in Japan first this winter. There seems to be a bunch of people here in the states upset. I don't blame them, but they don't remember the last holiday, do they? I really want Square to succeed, and a release after the holidays is very much welcome in my eyes. A midnight release would be more practical after the holidays without the holiday panic in mind.

Smart move on Square Enix, keep this in mind for those who want to see Square continue making kick ass games in the future. First you release in Japan this year, Winter '09. Then create a hype here in the US making us so want the game. Then release in February 2010, bypassing the Holiday cluster-f*ck, and beating the massive spoilers released on the "Internets". Max sales, happy fans, and happy for the game business. Sales (pays the bills) = success and not the scores and reviews(doesn't pay the bill). Good plan?

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