Fluffy wool?

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I just got some fluffy wool but it has very low XP and Gil values. Does anyone know what this is used for? The cinematic that it shows while getting the item makes it seem like it's kind of a big deal or that it will be useful but I can't find out it's purpose.

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 Never heard of it. If it has low Gil and XP value then just keep it. BTW how did you get it?

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I got it from one of those cute little sheep creatures with horns. How far are you in the game? I got it on chapter 11, right after you are able to  

 there is a hidden passage behind the Archylte Steppe that can only be accessed that way. There is a point of interest and a cutscene with Vanille talking to the sheep and asking him if she could borrow some wool, it was really cute.
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I'm in Chapter 12 and did not get to ride the chocobos :( 

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Don't worry, get through a bit of chapter 13 and you can warp back again.

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@luce: DUDE, i did the same exact thing....i was soooo pissed when i got to chapter 12 and looked it up and found out that i could've riden one....i just completed the game(check the game ending discussion thread) and i'm back and riding them.  
So on the topic of the thread, i JUST saw that cutscene and wtf.....maybe it's nothing special.

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