Freezing issues? Should I be worried?

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Some things here might be spoilers, but only if you consider area names spoilers.
Okay, so I had been playing FFXIII for about 40 hours while having no trouble when it froze for the first time. I was at the tower in Pulse, before Oerba. I thought "Fuck! There goes three hours!" but I redid that bit, saving at every opportunity. Then, when I got to Oerba proper, it froze again while I was accessing a save point. So this game has frozen twice within 5 hours after 40 hours of play. I thought nothing of it, but then it froze again about thirty minutes later when I was walking around outside of battle. Then I came here.

After doing some research, I have discovered that  Final Fantasy XIII freezing is a thing. I have also discovered that the console subsequently bricking is also a thing. Currently my PS3(60GB) can recognize the disk, which is scratchless. So my question is, should I be worried? Should I just stop playing? I have seen the videos posted by RuneWalsh and while my situation is not identical, I'm afraid it may yet be. Thoughts? I'm at a loss here.

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I played through to the end (about 60-70 hours) on the PS3 and it didn't freeze up once.  I don't see any reason to worry.

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What FFXIII freezing thing?  This is my first time hearing about it, and never ran into it during my playthroughs.  Are your other games working fine?

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I heard about FF13 murdering older PS3s too. Since you've already had issues, I'm not sure if I'd continue playing if I was you. I guess it depends on if you have the money to replace it if it breaks.

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Naw, I don't think so. 
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This is the first time something like this has happened for me. This article explains it, and it also has the video I mentioned. I have no cash for a replacement PS3, so it would really suck if this bricked it. I'll try again later, and if it freezes again then I'll put the game down.

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Hmmm, i played the whole game and got the platinum without freezing once. Sorry this is happening to you :( But yeah, if it could brick your ps3 I would stop playing, its not that great of a game :P

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