Glitched Magic!

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#1 Posted by Finstern (763 posts) -

Just in chapter 6 fighting the two Enki, getting my ass handed to me when I noticed they have a load of buffs cast on themselves so I change to a SAB to fix this problem, tell Vanille to Deprotect and Deshell. As she casts them I have my finger on the paradigm menu to go back to RAV/RAV when I noticed someone is casting Thunder. Sazh is a Commando so it cant be him, I realise the Enki are still buffed so I tell Vanille to Deprotect and Deshell again and she casts Thunder again! 
Has this happened to anyone else? Its pretty lame to happen in a boss fight of all places.

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#2 Posted by Azure_Valkyrie (27 posts) -

This sounds very odd. No I've never had this happen. Had anything like this happened to you at any other point in the game?
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#3 Posted by CornontheCobbe (2693 posts) -

That's weird, has not happened to me yet.

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#4 Posted by Finstern (763 posts) -

No I cant say that it has, been fine afterwards, was thinking it might have been possible Sahz had cast enthunder but then I hadn't even had his synergist job slotted into a paradigm :S

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