How many hours have you logged in so far?

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#51 Posted by myalt22 (101 posts) -

19 hours and im stuck on sazh's Eidolon

#52 Posted by Qorious (847 posts) -

Just got it today. I've logged around 7+ hours in the game. I love it so far!

#53 Posted by ZenaxPure (2569 posts) -

I finally hit 100 hours across my 2 save files. Though one of those has 73 hours, looks like achievements won't reach 100 hours for me I am guessing. Only need to kill a couple of guys and then upgrade various items for the hold every wep/acc thing which shouldn't be too bad since I've never sold a accessory or weapon unless I had double of it and am already done with tier 3 weapons.

#54 Posted by WhytePanther (107 posts) -

My save's at 35 hours, currenlty in Chapter 11, having just gotten the Eidolon for the last member of the party.  Had to do a bit of grinding once the game turned me loose.  Did the first 10 stone missions one the way.

#55 Posted by Nario (92 posts) -
I'm approaching 90 hours and I'm on Chapter 11, but it's probably more like 50 hours, what with me browsing the Internet as it's paused.
#56 Posted by CrazyBagMan (842 posts) -

About 7 so far

#57 Posted by fatalframer39 (27 posts) -

I got about 98 hours in. 
I haven't touched the game for a few weeks. Farming for Trapz is nothing short of boring... But I have everyone completely leveled up, I was going for that shiny Platinum trophy. But I need a break... I killed about 300 Adamanatortoise's or w/e and got 1 trap... Fml. >=/

#58 Posted by Tsukiyomi (77 posts) -

80hrs 21mins.
 Main 3 party members (Lightning/Fang/Hope) all have their Omega Weapons and Genji Gloves.  Stopped playing when I finished the last C'ieth Stone mission and haven't really touched it since April.

#59 Posted by rhfb (21 posts) -

80 hours in so far. I'd say I'm less than 5 away from the Platinum Trophy. Just need to farm me some turtles :)

#60 Posted by KuwabaraTheMan (155 posts) -

I'm at about 70 hours so far, and still making progress.

#61 Posted by ErinIsADrunk (169 posts) -

Close to 100 hours between 2 playthroughs.

#62 Posted by c1337us (5751 posts) -

I am still at less then then. Probably even less then 5. I have big back log of games to get through and I am working on the easy (quicker) beats first.

#63 Posted by j_peezy (3 posts) -

Just finished today at around 50 hours. I enjoyed the game a lot more while the story kept moving. Chapter 11 was frustrating.

#64 Posted by raidingkvatch (1153 posts) -

About 25 so far, but I'm on chapter 9 I think ( just got the party back together on the Palencia)

#65 Posted by wavegoodbye (285 posts) -

55-ish. I think I'm done.

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