How many hours left?

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I am on chapter 12 at the part where you meet up with Snow's friends from the beginning of the game. 
I want to know because I want to finish the story but the game is really getting tetious now. Every fight stresses me out way too much, so someone tell me how many hours I have left. If it is more than 5 then I will probably quit playing.
#2 Posted by ZenaxPure (2584 posts) -

You are very close to the end, chapter 13 (which you are close to) only took me about an hour. However, it really comes down to how fast you can kill enemies and such. I'll shamelessly plug my own help thread if you consider combat too tough. I should say right now the final boss is very challenging and can take up to 20 minutes if you are a slow burn kind of guy in combat. 
But yes you can beat the game in less than 5 hours from the part you are on.

#3 Posted by SadPatrol (528 posts) -
k, thanks. Combat isn't TOO tough but it is really puts a strain on me, both mentally and physically. After playing for an hour or two I feel exausted and I want to go relax and watch tv or something.

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