I have arrived at a frightening conclusion

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#51 Posted by natetodamax (19220 posts) -
@dankempster: Well the thing is, I'm really anxious to play Persona 3. It will take me a while to beat but I've already sorta promised myself that after beating that I'll go to Final Fantasy XIII. The game will be arriving Thursday or Friday and I know I can't beat FF13 before then.
#52 Posted by SniperXan (223 posts) -

My old 60gig Playstation 3 did the ol' YLOD during a game of Final Fantasy XIII so I ended up buying a new "Slim" PS3 (after tearing my old one apart to get the disk out...much fun) and I have yet to turn the game back on. I was well over half way through and I can't get myself to re-start the game, it was fun the first time around but I think it's the total lack of RPG elements and the single path through the game that make a second playthrough especially boring to imagine.

#53 Posted by Iceman2913 (508 posts) -

couldn't you just grind before fighting the boss? persona 3 fes is good but it can be frustrating if you played persona 4 prior :) iceman out!

#54 Posted by natetodamax (19220 posts) -
@Iceman2913: Like I said, the problem is that I've forgotten much of the story. The story is the thing I think I'm interested most in. 
And Persona 3 FES will be my first Persona game :)

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