I wish FFXIII was more like Heavy Rain...

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... because then I could let Hope and Vanille die horrible deaths for crimes against voice acting and characterisation. If you're Australian speaking english, why do you inflect like a Japanese school girl?! 
Anyway, I'm 3 hours in and already hate half the main cast and am bored of the battle system as it isn't remotely challenging so far. I thought that maybe I'd disagree with Brad on this (seeing as he loves FFX and hates IX whereas I'm the opposite) but everything he said in the Bombcast is pretty much what I feel - I know the combat system gets deeper but just how much longer do I have to wait before 1) Things make sense 2) They stop treating the game like it's 'My First Final Fantasy' for kids and ramp up the difficulty and 3) I start to care? 
I know the last one's subjective but as a long time fan of the series, I'm really hoping things turn around. I don't mind the linearity as long as the battle system is deep and fun enough to support the rest of the game and I don't necessarily mind a nonsensical story as long as I connect with the characters (a story with no context currently - what happened to the old FF way of having characters explain EVERYTHING  to you very slowly and repeatedly at the tutorial phase of the game? As is, I'm just confused). I like Sazh but noone else has really given me a reason to sympathise with them yet...

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If you're three hours in and haven't even gotten  the Crystarium unlocked, you must be a slow player. And there's a datalog in the game if you're confused. That's what it's for. There is context for the story, except that it's told via flashbacks. It's a narrative device. If they flat out explained everything at the start it'd be terrible. And the battle system opens up due to story reasons that make sense when it does.

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You should read the other XIII threads, everything you asked has been answered repeatedly, and on the internet in general. Yeah the game starts hella slow and holds your hand for a long time. If the game hasn't hooked you by 15 hours, I'd say just give it up. It opens up more at 23-25 hours in, but if you've hated it up to that point, I doubt your mind will change. Personally, I really enjoyed the game.
You mentioned you hated X? XIII has the most in common with X, VII and VIII.  
Please, no more "I'm 5 hours in and...." posts. The answers are out there.

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Give it another 3 or 4 hours and if you still aren't feeling it move on to something else. That's what I did, as I feel the game is a mess and total disappointment and I've been playing Final Fantasy games since Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. FFXIII isn't the only RPG or JRPG or high profile game out there or coming out right now. There are other fish in the sea.

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Well, most of this has been said before, but I'll reiterate. 
The game gets very challenging, probably one of the hardest final fantasies (Looking at you chapter 11 and every freaking eidolon fight).  It's not always that hard, and it does lower you into it slowly.  Since until the end of the game overlevelling is basically impossible, the game has to make sure that you understand the battle system very well or you just won't be able to progress at all.  I'd say by hour 3 it should have expanded a fair bit (Crystarium unlocked, paradigms unlocked, roles unlocked).  If not, and you're still just using attack against every enemy...then well, you are incredibly slow.   
Story-wise, things make sense if you have any sense of context.  If you've never read a book in your life and need things handed out to you, there IS the datalogue, you can read that for backstory.  It shouldn't really be necessary though unless you just really like learning more backstory about the world (and there is plenty of it there).  The 'events' section will summarize the story at the point you currently are at though, in case you ever get lost.   
Caring, you mean in terms of characters?  I find all the characters develop quite realistically and maturely, and that by the end of the game you'll have a connection with all of them (Yes, even Shinj-er Hope).  They all develop in different ways and none of them is a flat 2-dimensional character.  Even Sazh, the comic relief, is a pretty mature and itneresting character.  That said, if you're looking for some crazy over the type archetypes, you probably won't find it here.   
All that aside, if you just don't like the game, don't play it, nothing I can say will change your mind on that.  By the 5 hour mark my first time through, I was pretty hooked into the story, and chapter 7/8 were probably the best chapters imo.  If you're not into it by chapter 3 or 4 though, you probably won't be.
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Snow is the Origami killer.

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" Snow is the Origami killer. "
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" Snow is the Origami killer. "

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