Last boss help (spoilers).

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I can't do it, I get the impression it's not possible, he just casts death on me at some random point during the battle and it's game over.
Clealry there's something I'm missing.
Edit: Feel better after venting, on a side note it appears I missed an item that gives some death resistance so it seems I can cut death down to a random occurance rather than an absolute.

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i had no death accessories equipped and had no trouble with any of the stages tbh : /  You just really unlucky ? :p
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Dude, go full Jammer and then go Enchater and go Attacker/Blaster/Blaster. 
My record time is 1:16 and the game screwed me over with the gold keeps giving me 4 stars but the 5 star requirement is 1:28. 
Damn game is glitched. 
I never died in the final boss and brezzed through it in about 5 minutes my first run.

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Maybe I'm underleveled or something, P1 doesn't really pose any problems, P2 takes me forever as I have to keep switching out to heal/remove debuffs. I've not even seen 3 yet.
I normally go com/rav/rav till I've taken enough damage to go com/rav/med when he's in his dark phase (this is where death normally gets me). Then when he switches to light I find myself so debuffed I can't manage to stagger him, so sit in med/syn/med till he's back dark again.
Each of my members have 6.5k hp and have almost maxed their 3 starting trees.

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@mwng: Yeah, you need more HP.  At least get two of your members to 7,000 HP...luckily you can just upgrade the HP+ Accessory.  At the final boss, I was dishing about 20,000-30,000 a hit and flew by it.
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You can buy Cherub's Crowns at B&W Outfitters for 3,000 gil. They increase Death resistance by 30% and you can equip more than one. Hope that helps.

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@Sleepy_Insomniac: Why do you need that when Enchanter has the auto-negate Death status effect buff?  Save the accessory slots for ATK+, MAG+, and Auto-Haste.
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@KaosAngel: Veil is the last thing Synergists cast when buffing. Plus, Auto-Haste wears out. If the biggest problem he's having is the auto-Death spell, the best way to circumvent that is to equip Death-preventative accessories. It'd be best to replace your Auto-Haste suggestion with at least one Cherub's Crown.
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@Sleepy_Insomniac: I never died from death, maybe they changed how it works in the American version...but I honestly never died from death in that game.  I used Lucky Breaker (gives instant Break to target), auto-haste, ATK+, HP+, MAG+.   
Damn, sorry to hear that Death is killing you a lot...the biggest problem for me was keeping the Break Chain going and praying he didn't do his attack that nulls the current chain....had to start from the start.  >.>
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Use vanille has a sabateour and cast poison on the boss, keep it on him while you med/med/med yourself the whole fight, and it's instakill DO IT IT WORKS, if your talking about orphan phase 1, phase 2 with the doom counter all you have to do is do all out damage and you win:)

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@Nekrosis: Why not just go full Attack/Blaster/Blaster and get the Break Chain up?  It's more efficient and the damage over time is way greater. 
If you're going to be passive during the heals, just go Attacker/Healer/healer or Attacker/Blaster/Healer so the Break Chain stays high.  Break Chain is more important than anything else for damage and Attacker/Blaster combo can do over 100,000 in a single move at just base level.
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Actually, that is completely and utterly wrong, have you actually done the fight the way i said...if you chain him at all he'll start to debuff after he breaks and your entire party will be completely wiped and the fight will be extremely difficult, if you poison the boss and heal through all of his attacks he is highly vulnerable to poison and he'll die faster then you chaining him 6 times, i JUST did works.

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@Nekrosis: I did this: 
1.  Jammer/Jammer/Jammer ->  1 or 2 Turns. 
2.  Enchanter/Enchanter/Enchanter -> 1 Turn 
3.  Attacker/Blaster/Blaster -> Until Heals 
I get instant Break with Lucky Breaker and Fang does over 100,000 a hit then, with Lightning and Hope doing well over 50,000 a single hit as Blasters.   
I finished the final boss in 1:16....and the other forms just as quick.  :D
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We're talking about under developed chars with the bare minimum level, like i had, and poison is easily the way to go...also what is lucky breaker? 

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@Nekrosis: It gives instant break at random times. 
If you have a character's weapon that increases Break Status and equip another item that has the same effect, they negate and change to Lucky Breaker.  
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Oh got it, yeah i didn't know that:) wish i would have god damn...i just sold every item besides health bangles and went from there..i don't like looking up things until the end of an rpg and just try to figure it all out myself and i finished it so i guess i didn't do to bad.

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Right, done it, I was indeed lacking a sab to begin with, got him to around 40% first stagger and finished him off without much trouble second.
Final phase consisted of 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 and ended after about 1 minute.
Thanks to everyone who replied by the way, your help is much appreciated!

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Let me take a wild guess that Break = Stagger?  >.>

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lol Yeah, it's stagger not break in NA.

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