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I can't find any of these. I just finished every mission and got the achievement, my final one was Mission 62. Now since I finished all of the missions... should there be Long Gui's running around the Archylte Steppe? I went into battle with all the large Adamantoise-type creatures I seen, and that's all they were, Adamantoises. Apparently there is only supposed to be one Adamantoise and the other turns into a Long Gui but for me they are both Adamantoise.

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Have you tried saving and reloading or leaving and reentering the plains? I believe they don't just magically switch while your in the area 

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I checked the internet and it says as soon as you complete mission 51. Was there a cut scene at all? 

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There was no cutscene or anything, not that I remember. All my Adamantoises are Adamonatoises...

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After you have finished mission 51 you can find them roaming around Grand Pulse's big central area. They are the same size as the other big ones except they have armor on their legs and the stuff on their back is a brighter silver color, also they have a prong like protrusion coming from their nose.

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Oh so they are basically a stronger Adamantoise.  From their name I thought they were one of those dancing bird looking mofos...

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