Mission 64.

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I'm rather stuck on mission 64. I was just interested to know if it's possible if you've only maxed out the 3 main roles of all of your party members or if I'm just doing it wrong. I've had a little look elsewhere on the internet and they suggest using paradigms that I don't exactly have access too as I've not the crystarium points to fill out that paticular role.
So question is; is it possible to do only having maxed out the 3 main roles and if so what party setup will I need? or is it simply not possible untill you've maxed all your roles?

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You might want the Sentinel role on all three of your characters so you can survive his uber attack. You don't need a maxed out party by any means, really if you have the minor roles at level 1 you'll be fine. Here's a video of somebody doing it with only level 1 minor roles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKy5ok5r1aA

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