Question about Synergists and Saboteurs

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How much focus should I put on these two roles? Right now I have Sazh as my main Synergist and Vanille as my main Saboteur, but I haven't been spending a whole lot of CP on those as I think I should be. I've been mainly focusing on Commando, Ravager, and Medic roles. Are those two important as well? Right now I'm in chapter 4 and I have been finding myself switching to these roles during a battle because some enemies won't take damage until I have Vanille weaken them.

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I'd argue that Saboteurs and Synergists are just as vital as any other role.  The going is made easier when you can debuff your enemy's attack and buff up your defenses.  I actually didn't realize the full extent of their usefulness until I got stuck on a boss fight that was kicking my ass until I actually started switching to the Saboteur and Synergist roles more often to keep the buffs and debuffs in place.
Long story short, yes, spend the time and CP it takes to fill those roles out.  My main party of Lighting/Fang/Hope wouldn't have been nearly as effective if I hadn't taken the time to boost Fang's Saboteur and Hope's Synergist roles.

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You should definitely put some effort into them, I know that I couldn't have done the final boss without these two roles. 

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the abilities they provide really help later in the game.  I probably couldn't beat certain bosses without debuffing them in order to get some type of advantage.

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@Hailinel:  I agree wholly with everything. Also, Id generally say that the synergist is more helpful than the saboteur, at least in my experience.
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Later in the game they become crucial in order to beat the bosses on each chapter.   They've been critical for me anyway to keep in a paradigm through chapters 11 and 12.

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I just wanna add nate that you really should make sure you have a Sab later in the game simply for deprotect. A staggered enemy with deprotect on them will die 3 or 4 times faster than an enemy without deprotect.  
But in general every move in FF13 has a purpose, there is no useless fat like in past games. You really need to focus on everything if you want to win battles in reasonable amounts of time.

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Saboteurs debuff
Synergists buff
Each adds a 30% detriment or positive effect. Your call.

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