Questions you should ask yourself before buying this game

#1 Posted by Shadow71 (282 posts) -
  1. Do I like Japanese Role Playing games?
  2. Am I okay with some longer bouts of linear gameplay?
  3. Do I hate myself?
If you answered yes to all of these then FFXIII is right for you. In all seriousness though, I played about 55+ hours of this game, and wasn't sure if I was just numb to the pain it put me through or if it actually did get better toward the end.
#2 Posted by korkesh (138 posts) -

1. Yes 
2. Yes  
3. No 
And I loved every second of it, managed to put in 100+ hours and get every trophy. I can not wait for XIII-2.
#3 Edited by SamStrife (1328 posts) -

I got this game free a couple of weeks ago.  Don't know if it was worth it to be honest....

#4 Posted by MightyDuck (1620 posts) -

I really enjoyed the game.  I got about 25-30 hours in and got stuck at a boss battle.  I haven't played in close to a year.  I need to get back to it.

#5 Posted by benjaebe (2870 posts) -
  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes

Wow, thank you, I finally understand why I enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII.

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