So what do you think of FFXIII

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#1 Posted by SarazinRuin (161 posts) -

It look like it could be the best Final Fantasy in the last few years. Then again I said the same thing about 12 so what do I know.

Im still not completely sold on it. I need to see more of the actual gameplay at the moment, I like the setting and the graphics are nice. I'l probably end up getting it anyways since im filthy rich (not really).

#2 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4745 posts) -

The game looks promiseing I hope it feels more pre 12

#3 Posted by Axersia (1725 posts) -

Meh, I'm more interested in FFvsXIII myself.

#4 Posted by RoninJack (19 posts) -

It's hard to say after seeing just the trailer. But the game has the potential. And oh... it's FINAL FANTASY :> I like the main character. She looks like a girl but this time it can be excused... because she is a girl.

#5 Posted by Logan_Aybara (73 posts) -

I'm optimistic, though they haven't released enough info to get a good feel for what the game truly is.

#6 Posted by Nets (325 posts) -

It's definitely one of my top anticipated games, and I hear FFXIII VS is supposed to be just as badass.

#7 Posted by Josh9989 (34 posts) -

Ain't got a clue, don't really know enough about the game to say anything.

#8 Posted by Celegus (83 posts) -

Looks really good, but I'm trying to stay away from it as much as I can so that I don't get too excited for it and have to wait until 2010 or whenever it comes out.

#9 Posted by Funkyhamster (97 posts) -

Ehh, I'm not a huge fan of the art style right now... I hope it turns out good though.

#10 Posted by Pikachu (449 posts) -

looks awesome, can't wait to play it

#11 Posted by nat (242 posts) -

Well I always felt that when they first put out a FF game on a new console it's outstanding then the rest after are just ok.
I personally haven't played any handhelds and i'm not hardcore in regards to ff so don't rage me...

If my theory is correct it will win!

PS1 = 7
PS2 = X
PS3/360 = 13


#12 Posted by blu_magnet (261 posts) -

I don't know what it is, but i just get the feeling i wont be playing this game for at least another two years. :(

#13 Posted by Atlas (2564 posts) -

Looks excellent. Can't wait to play it on my 360.

#14 Posted by suneku (3005 posts) -

One of the games I'm most excited for.. I just want to get my hands on it right now

#15 Posted by RVonE (4768 posts) -

The one thing I really want from this game is that they drop FFXII's battle system. I really didn't liek it. I would much rather see a battle system that is more akin to the older Final Fantasy's, but that's just me.

#16 Posted by Toseph (391 posts) -

I don't really care I've never played a FF game and i don't think I'll play this one

#17 Posted by squallws (102 posts) -

The game looks great and I agree with RVonE about the battle system.

#18 Edited by quezcotl (40 posts) -

Best FF in years?

I cant base that on just a CGI,but hey Kitase made FF8 alone,so perhaps he can do it again...

I just have one problem with Kitas,ff7,ff8 and ff10 while all are fantastic and amazing,none of them really focus on knights,castles,crystalls and the general medival mixed with machines style universe,nah its just waaaay more high tech,and futuristic and look at FF13 just neon everywhere...

#19 Posted by OGCartman (4330 posts) -

Gonna be Awesome!!!

#20 Posted by Hats (366 posts) -

Ill buy it and play it on its name sake alone like most, but from what little info Ive read its not gonna be going back to pre 12 style but something new

here it is taken from Gamespot

The next question was for Kitase, who is returning to Final Fantasy development on FFXIII after not participating on Final Fantasy XII. He was asked to describe changes in the gameplay. He responded that Final Fantasy X had random encounters with a battle environment that would load and that Final Fantasy XII had enemies that were onscreen with seamless transitions to battle. In Final Fantasy XIII, a version of the active time battle system will return, and the team hopes to combine the best of FFX's and FFXII's systems. Kitase said that there will be monsters in the field but that the encounter system will be different from how Final Fantasy XII's turned out.

#21 Posted by exfate (458 posts) -

It all depends on the battle system. The battle systems alwyas change in some regard in FF - be it character class/skill systems (jobs, fixed classes, materia, junctioning, etc) to the turn system (turn based, ATB, CTB, RTB, etc.) Ignoring XI for obvious reasons, XII provoked by far the biggest backlash against the battle system. Judging by the screen shots it is ATB with combos that change the timer by skills having an "ATB cost" - but without some actual details from Squenix, nobody really knows the ins and outs of it yet. To me that seems like another massive change, and Squenix doesn't have a good track record with their more significant changes (XII battle system, dropping the overworld from X, etc,) so who can say?

It's nice to see another futuristic sci-fi fantasy hybrid world though. VII and VIII are my favourite FF worlds - not that I have anything against the steampunk fantasy hybrid worlds of the other FF games.

Also: Gunblades!!!

#22 Posted by LoZone (153 posts) -

while i wil give this game a shot,  i am more interested in the ff13 versus.

#23 Posted by Aurarian (7 posts) -
RVonE said:
"The one thing I really want from this game is that they drop FFXII's battle system. I really didn't liek it. I would much rather see a battle system that is more akin to the older Final Fantasy's, but that's just me."
I agree. FFXII's battle system is what threw me off of it. I just didn't like it. Everything else was looking cool, but I also felt like I had to grind a lot too. I hate that. I'm still going to finish it though.
#24 Posted by suneku (3005 posts) -

The battle system looks promising from the trailers so far.... but yeah I really want more details on it. The battle system can definitely make or break an FF

#25 Posted by Rex (85 posts) -

The battle system looks really great. I like the fact they are evolving what was done in Final Fantasy XII, and yet are bringing new ideas and innovations to the table. Apparently it is taking the best elements from the battle systems of X and XII and crossing them over, while bringing in new elements. Those were my two favorite 3D games in the series, and I believe they also had the best battle systems of any 3D Final Fantasy game as well. Therefore I think the battle system has the potential to be groundbreaking.

#26 Posted by IllegalMedic (29 posts) -

I think that the release of Final Fantasy XIII on the 360 means that I no longer have to buy a PlayStation. I really like the mix of Action and RPG gameplay. Although I need to see more than a glimpse of character and hints of game play.

#27 Posted by MarkR (54 posts) -

I think ti looks really good. Can't wait to play it.

#28 Posted by AndrewGaspar (2559 posts) -

They said that the combat system from Final Fantasy X will be in it (which was awesome) and that you'd be able to pick your fights just like Final Fantasy XII (which was awesome). I'm really excited. :) Not much has been revealed about the story, but it looks intriguing.

#29 Posted by Xhiea (10 posts) -

i think both XIII and Versus XIII look very good, not much has been shown but its enough to interest me! ALOT.

really want it to feel more like VII to X. 11 and 12 were not too great tbh.

#30 Posted by Demyx (3240 posts) -

I had a problem with the Real time in FFXII at first, but then I got used to it, and it wasn't that bad.  I can't wait for this game, but at the same time, Versus also.

#31 Posted by Arsenal99 (31 posts) -

i dont like FF

#32 Posted by LouChou (491 posts) -

I think it's going to blow our faces off and leave us screaming in agony... in a positive way.

#33 Posted by nubsway (63 posts) -

I really love the style and it is the team who did FFX and I love that game to death so this is a must buy!


#34 Posted by Trickster (67 posts) -

Well we obviously dont really know much about the gameplay yet.

But from what I've seen of the game so far, I'm really excited, much more than I ever was with FFXII. I love the character design of the 3 people we've seen so far, lightning, the dude in the white coat and the other girl with ponytails. I'm also very excited about the fact that the world this FF will take place in will apparently be the one with the most advanced technology of all the FF games ever ( love sci-fi ). I'm also glad to see that we will have proper summons in the game, and not those espers that kinda sucked imo.

So yeah, super excited for this game, too bad it will probably be a 2010 or 2011 release here in europe <_<

#35 Posted by Psytek (184 posts) -

Why does everyone rag on XII, I liked XII...

#36 Posted by RVonE (4768 posts) -
Psytek said:
"Why does everyone rag on XII, I liked XII...
XII was alright, but to me it pales in comparison to the older Final Fantasies. Anyway, I would like to see some gameplay footage of XIII.
#37 Posted by Demilich (2648 posts) -

Lost hope after FFXII and before FFIX.

Don't care about JRPGs anymore.

#38 Posted by suneku (3005 posts) -
RVonE said:
"Psytek said:
"Why does everyone rag on XII, I liked XII...
XII was alright, but to me it pales in comparison to the older Final Fantasies. Anyway, I would like to see some gameplay footage of XIII.
agreed, I just wasn't drawn into it as much as the previous games... but it wasn't completely terrible.
#39 Posted by Gnorbooth (292 posts) -

Looking forward to it, but after only seeing a pretty scant trailer and really no gameplay, its hard to say.  Been patient with this, and will have to be way more patient before it sees the light of day.

#40 Posted by ethanpaige (13 posts) -

Looks to be the best one since X. And yeah I don't mind the new battle system. It just took some getting used to

#41 Posted by conantheking (61 posts) -

I like the return to the high tech it seems to have. Where the setting is high tech, and summons seem to be digital based rather than magical based.

#42 Posted by ajsuperstar (27 posts) -

I was never a big fan of Rpgs until Final Fantasy X, so im hoping it has a similar feel to that game. Either way it'll be picked up by me, i was really excited by the news it was coming to xbox 360 :D.

#43 Posted by AuthenticM (4244 posts) -

I think it has the potential to be the most "final fantasy" of them games since the ninth opus. Nomura has said they included an overworld map, and IX was the last FF to feature one.

#44 Posted by Otacon (2252 posts) -

I think that it is looking better than FFvXIII right now, like a brighter FFVIII in a sense, can't wait to see more.

#45 Posted by NogginBot (29 posts) -

hopefully if they get the right mix of combat from X and XII then it should be ace. I must admit i wasnt a fan of the combat in XII but it wasnt unplayable. The trailer looks amazing. cant wait to see more stuff

#46 Posted by Cribba (349 posts) -

I really like the design (world, characters, clothes etc) and the main character, who seem to be the manliest protaganist in a FF game ever btw (yes, yes Cloudna). Personally I liked the way FF12 handled the combat and the (sort of) free roaming enviroment but if they keep that style in FF13 they should remove the "Gambits" system, or at least only allow three basic commands or something.

The license board was okay, but at at later levels every character could be everything. They fixed this in the International version so I'm guessing they know that they screwed up with that one.

#47 Posted by TomServo (243 posts) -

So many people say that, oh we're just whining it will be great on both systems, no okay! Look if the company has been developing the game for the ps3 for this long and now they're going to start developing for the 360 and then come out with them at the same time then there's only one way that's going to happen. That way is that they are going to pour all their resources into making ff13 on the 360, which will of been in development for much shorter, equal to the ps3 version which in the end are resources that could of been used to make the ps3 version better. So overall this takes away from the ps3 version and even if they were scaling up for this development they're still not going to even be allowed to make it any better on the ps3 because microsoft is paying them off so much, it's just evil the way that square enix is willing to sell out the quality of their games.

#48 Edited by Creciente (162 posts) -

Interesting, but it's too early to jump to conclusions. All I can say is, from what I've seen, it looks promising. I'm more interested in the battle system than visuals, though.

#49 Posted by LightYagami245 (1161 posts) -

It looks very promising, and it must be to make it multiplatform. I look forward to it.

#50 Posted by kikakuken (16 posts) -

I loved FFXII's battle system and all the hunts you could do,I didn't like that there wasn't a set main character in it though. I can't wait for XIII.

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