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so let me get this straight... if i want to use shiva, i have to have snow as my main character. if i want to use odin, i have to use lightning as my main character. thats pretty damn lame. what if i like bahamut but dont like fang. i should get to choose what summon to use. i understand how it works in the game. like how you get your  eidolon but still i think it blows i cant use alexander with lightning as my main character.

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The thing is, what difference does it really make in the long run?  I rarely used Eidolons at all.  I only summoned them in some field battles where the enemies were overwhelming me or during boss fights when I was critically low on health and overburdened with status effects.  The actual Eidolon used didn't really matter.  The one I saw most often was Odin because Lightning was my party leader for the vast majority of the game.  I summoned Shiva a few times, and Hecatoncheir a total of once.  The others I never pulled out and will probably only ever pull out to sate curiosity of what they're like in battle.
My point being, it's not worth getting worked up about because Eidolons are not as important to the combat system as they were in previous games.

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@Hailinel said:
" I rarely used Eidolons at all. "
That's the big thing with me. It's why I mentioned it a long time ago when Brad was talking about how he didn't get a summon until 6 hours into the game and I just didn't feel like the game was unrolling a "central game mechanic" that late into the game as he did... I seriously never used the things unless I was about to die and needed the free heal or to knock out big l' turtles legs. Their animations time vs. damage done was just too low compared to normal combat and I always wanted my 5 stars.
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 Eidolons are racists

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still i think it sucks. i want to at least see what they look like in battle and i dont want to have vanille as my leader for that.

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It's a part of the strategy of the game. For me, I had to use Hope's Eidolon to kill a group of 3 Tonberries my first time finding them. Otherwise, I never would have used Hope as a main character. Also Eidolons aren't meant really for battling because as you will see later in the game your characters will get to do more damage than the Eidolons. They're mainly used for recovering from a really tough situation or felling the larger wild beasts in the endgame. For instance, if both of your party members are dead and you are close to it as well, take out your Eidolon. He will heal you and your party members fully, and you will raise the chain gage for when he leaves meaning quicker stagger. If the stagger works, you basically just turned the tide of the battle and the Eidolon did his job. Besides, it's not like you can't change party leaders or anything. If you want to see what one looks like, change to Vanille and then when the battle is over switch back. What is so hard about that?
The only Eidolon I haven't used in the game was Brynhildr. My personal favorite is Alexander...

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@xyzygy said:
" your characters will get to do more damage than the Eidolons. "
Also quite true. Fang doing over 1 million damage on a regular basis with Highwind is fucking hilarious.
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@Zenaxzd said:
" @xyzygy said:
" your characters will get to do more damage than the Eidolons. "
Also quite true. Fang doing over 1 million damage on a regular basis with Highwind is fucking hilarious. "
If she has over 350 Strength I got her to do over 2 million :P
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Have to ammit, still enjoy pulling out a Eidolon    just to destroy a low level creature.  You know, dont want to get my hands dirty. Call in my hit man (women).  
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Frankly, I don't know what it is, but I don't even find the Eidolons very effective at beating up anything.  All they do is cause me to waste a bunch of time and reset the chain gauge.  You're safe-ish while they're going on, but they really don't put out the kind of damage you want for the investment of being able to pull them off only once every dozen or so fights.

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I find it funny how they are clearly called/pronounced Eidolons, yet in the German subs they just "translate" this into: Esper. Some old schoolerz doing the localization, I guess. :P

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Pretty much.  I only used the eidonlons in crucial, life-saving situations (which was very rare).  I'd also bust them out if I was lazy during a grindathon.

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I think it's just a consequence of how immense the eidolons are, if every character could use theirs the game would get out of fucking hand.

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@wavegoodbye: nice necropost.
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@jadeskye: ::brushes off the dust::  Thanks!

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